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Jury: Aurora Gunman Could Face Death Penalty

The gunman in the Colorado movie massacre could face the death penalty after jurors found that aggravating factors in the case counted for more than mitigating ones such as mental illness.

American Hunter Defends Trophy Kill Photos

A US hunter who sparked public outrage after posting pictures of herself next to a dead giraffe has defended her actions.

Middle East Swelters Through Searing Heatwave

An extreme heatwave sweeping across the Middlle East is producing near-record temperatures and has sparked protests over unreliable electricity supplies.

Banderas Tells Chilean Miners' Story In New Film

Antonio Banderas and his co-stars in a film about the ordeal of 33 Chilean miners have met the country's president and held a news conference ahead of its release.

Memphis Cop Shot Dead During Drug Deal

A manhunt is under way in Tennessee for a man who shot dead a Memphis police officer during a drug deal.

Cristiano Ronaldo 'Buys Agent A Greek Island'

Real Madrid star Cristiano Ronaldo did not scrimp when it came to picking a wedding gift for his agent.

Mafia Arrests Over Godfather's Secret Notes

Police have arrested 11 people suspected of using coded messages to help the fugitive boss of the Sicilian mafia evade capture.

Mystery Of Missing Family Stumps German Police

Special investigators are hunting for clues to the whereabouts of a mother and daughter who vanished late last month.

Israel To Hold Jewish Militants Without Trial

Israel is to begin detaining Jewish citizens without trial in the hope of catching the culprits behind an arson attack which killed a Palestinian child.

Edward Snowden: White House Rejects Pardon Plea

President Obama has rejected calls to pardon Edward Snowden for revealing details of America's unlawful spying programme.

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MH370 Search: Metal Object 'From Ladder'

A metal object found washed up on Reunion Island and thought to be from the missing plane MH370 may be a domestic ladder, an official says.

Saudi King Cuts Short Trip After Beach Fiasco

Saudi Arabia's King Salman has cut short his holiday to the French Riviera after the closure of a private beach outside his villa sparked public outrage.

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