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martin starke at breakfast

Wake up with Martin Starke at Breakfast and keep up to date with the latest news, weather, traffic and travel across South Wiltshire and West Hampshire.

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 DDW Nu Clean

What is the strangest thing they’ve been asked to clean, and which famous people have been through the doors… watch the video to find out.

Answering the phone, making the tea... joining a Zumba class! All in a days work at Parkwood Heath and Fitness on London Road.
See the twerking video here!
DDW InExcess

He's had it too easy, for too long - so Martin is putting in a 'decent days work' at local businesses across South Wiltshire and West Hampshire in exchange for a donation to Stars Appeal


 GC Walkers


From 2nd to 10th May 2015 you can join Spire FM's Martin Starke, hospital staff, local business people and other Stars Appeal supporters to trek the Grand Canyon in the adventure of a lifetime. 



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Cholderton Charlies

23 October
Light rain forecast




Snows Seat

balloon rides



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