15 Things You'll Know If You Grew Up In Salisbury

Salisbury train rail station

You were born here, went to school here, and got your first job here... so here are 15 things you'll already know about Salisbury. 

Like that dreaded moment on holiday when someone by the pool says "so, where are you from then?"

1) A Friday night started at the Boathouse and then the Bishops Mill, before Concordes...

2) ... but if you wanted a good night out it would have to be The Cage in Bournemouth or Venue at Tower Park!

3) You were just never quite sure that the car would make it back up the A338!

4) You know where 'up the Panda' is.

5) You begged your parents to let you go to the rugby club disco...

6) ...once they got back from Moonrakers.

7) You bought your mum a Christmas present from Watson's.

8) When you're on holiday, you just tell people you're from Stonehenge...

9) ... but you avoid Solstice like the plague!

10) Pot holes... everywhere!

11) You were either a majorette or a brownie, never both!

12) You (still) have to drive out to Solstice Park for a KFC.

13) Summers were spent ‘down the Butts’ in the makeshift paddling pool made of concrete.

14) You have many fond memories of Wilton House Adventure Playground - the boat swings in particular.

15) And, we're still waiting for that Primark...

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