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With our own in-house creative we can create, design and pitch your radio advertisements directly from our offices in the heart of Salisbury.


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Spire FM Recruitment Event 

Recruit the staff you need, with Spire FM.

‘"Calls started coming in immediately after the commercial was first aired."

Jo Broom, There 4 U.

The Spire FM Recruitment event is on now, with on-air recruitment campaigns starting from £750. 

"Applicants poured in steadily from the outset.  I wish I had done it sooner!"

Sally Gibb, The Chord Company.

Add a website banner on for an additional £150.

"We were absolutely delighted… with over 45 people applying for the vacancies."

Kaivan Storr, Gap Catering.

Listen to those successful recruitment commercials here: 


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Solutions for your business


We will produce a bespoke commercial, designed to drive potential new customers to your business.


Sponsorship of a feature or programme is a cost efficient way to target a specific market with a high frequency branding message. Repetition builds reputation.


A bespoke promotion to engage our audience (your customers) in a fun, showbiz way, highlighting your key message.


Our Creative Consultants will work with you to develop a unique identity/brand for your business.

Digital Media

Our experienced Digital Media team can help your business embrace online and digital platforms.

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