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April 2019 Update

24th April 2019

After a particularly hectic time in Westminster, I was delighted to be able to enjoy a few days rest with the family at home. Our beautiful constituency is even more wonderful in the glorious sunshine we enjoyed over the Easter period.

However, as wonderful as the sunny warm weather has been, the climate change protests that have been going on across London reinforce the stark warnings that our actions are contributing to global warming which is harming our planet.

Whilst I’m with anybody who is passionate about solving the crisis of climate change, what I am really interested in is solutions and not tactics that are incredibly disruptive. What I say to the protesters is that we hear you loud and clear, there is no need to create mayhem for millions of people to get your message across.

We need to focus our efforts on the solutions that we need to deliver. That is why we have commissioned advice from the Committee on Climate Change on our long-term targets, including on the setting of a net zero target. I look forward to receiving a response from the Committee later this year. 

However, as well as my fascinating Ministerial role, I am first and foremost the Member for our lovely Constituency, and my inbox has been full over the last week with emails from residents in Ablington and Figheldean about the proposed sale by the Ministry of Defence of the beautiful woodland known as Ablington Amenity Woods.

Local residents are concerned that there has been no communication from the MoD about the proposed sale – and I was pleased therefore to raise this matter directly with my Ministerial colleague, the Rt Hon Tobias Ellwood MP, Minister for Defence People and Veterans, to request that the proposed sale of Ablington Amenity Woods by the Defence Infrastructure Organisation is reviewed as a matter of urgency.

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