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March 2019 Update

28th March 2019

At the time of writing my last column it looked like this month’s column would be the last written whilst the UK was still a member of the EU.

However, at the EU Council summit last week it was agreed that, subject to the deal being passed soon, our departure can be extended.

Then, earlier this week, Parliament voted to hold indicative votes on possible ways forward.

I know that there are deeply held views for and against each of the outcomes we now face.

However, it is clearer to me than ever that the best way forward is to pass the Prime Minister’s deal as soon as possible so that we can end the uncertainty, fulfil the result of the referendum and allow the country to move on towards a new future outside EU.

But, of course, Brexit is not the only thing going on in Parliament, and last week we also had the Spring Statement, which delivered a positive economic update and some very welcome announcements.

The Statement showed that the economy is doing well, with employment at a new record high of 32.7 million people, unemployment down to a 44-year low and the number of women in work at a record high!

Additionally, wages are growing at the fastest rate in a decade and have been outstripping inflation for a full year, which means more money in people’s pockets.

All of this good economic news means that the Government has been able to launch our plans for a bright future for Britain – creating a digital economy, redoubling our commitment to skills and world-class infrastructure, staying at the cutting edge of clean growth and tackling the big issues like knife crime head on.

Posted by Claire Perry at 9:58am

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