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13th May 2020

13th May 2020

On Sunday night (10th May), the Prime Minister set out the next stage in our journey through this once in a century global health emergency.

His eagerly awaited announcement on the steps towards reopening the economy and restoring normality was followed on Monday by a significant 50-page document.

It provides a detailed roadmap for the future, as well as specific guidance for different sectors of society impacted by the changes.

Social distancing remains at the heart of the strategy. The priority continues to be to keep the R – the rate at which the infection spreads – below 1.

The document also reemphasises the important message that those for whom it is not possible to work from home are encouraged to return to work while taking sensible precautions.

Those who have written to me overwhelmingly understand the purpose of what we are trying to do – to move steadily out of lockdown without causing a spike in cases or jeopardising the progress made to date.

We will proceed step by step, keeping a close eye on the data but, provided people keep their distance and are vigilant on hygiene, we can stay on course to recovering large parts of the personal freedom and economic productivity that have been so much missed.

On Tuesday (12th May), I was in Westminster to support the Chancellor as he extended the furlough scheme to the end of October. By giving businesses security, he has allowed them breathing space to plan a way forward, responding to the needs of their staff and customers.

More locally, I am delighted to learn of the increasingly pivotal role that brilliant scientists at Porton Down (PHE) are playing in delivering virus testing and supporting the search for a vaccine.

I will return to Salisbury at the end of the week to resume my routine of emails and conference calls, interspersed with long walks.

Last weekend, it was very cheering to see people responsibly enjoying a socially distanced VE Day in the Woodford Valley.

I know that the vast majority of Salisbury people possess a high degree of common sense.

I trust us to keep up the good work by taking the new guidance and applying it appropriately to our own lives and work.

More detail on future steps will come in due course but continued progress remains conditional on the R rate staying down.

Posted by John Glen at 10:24am

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