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15th April 2020

15th April 2020

As the lockdown goes on, I continue to work around the clock from my flat in Salisbury, dividing my time between constituency correspondence and Treasury work. My excellent constituency office team are also working flat out to ensure I am able to respond as swiftly as possible. 

As well as heroic key workers and volunteers, my sincere thanks go to the silent majority –  cheerfully complying with the lockdown, working from home, entertaining young children, doing a weekly shop, looking out for neighbours and finding quiet times for daily exercise. 

Many people tell me they draw great comfort and encouragement from the way most people respectfully observe social distancing in the supermarket and wave to each other from across the lanes or parks.

Nevertheless, I know that, as time goes on, it is getting wearying and my inbox is starting to reflect a growing impatience to know when we can expect to ‘get back to normal’ a sentiment amplified by the assessment of the economic consequences of this situation. 

The truth is that this is an unprecedented scenario and how it plays out is in all our hands to determine.

The overriding priority is to save lives. Of course, no government wants to have to enforce restrictions that strike at the heart of our national way of life for a moment longer than necessary.

By the same token, no government has the right to determine that its people are expendable, when the dead or permanently lung damaged may be you or I or any of our loved ones.

We are hopefully about to see the result of social distancing in a reduction in hospital admissions and deaths. Covid-19 will not just go away once the curve starts to flatten but we will have increased NHS capacity on a massive scale and learned far more about effective treatment and prevention.

The steps back to normality will be led by the best medical and scientific advice with the safety of the public at heart.

I know this return to normality cannot come soon enough for many businesses. 

As well as government backed loans and the furlough scheme, government money is also being distributed by local authorities in the form of grants that do not have to be repaid.

At the time of writing, I am proud to say that Wiltshire Council has processed 5,600 applications and awarded £39m of support. However, thousands more local businesses are still eligible. If your business needs help in order to be ready to bounce back, please do take a look at the council’s website and social media channels.

There's also further details on that scheme on our news pages too.

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