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17th June 2020

17th June 2020

It is very exciting to know that the work to turn Salisbury into the UK’s first full fibre city is complete.

This massive infrastructure investment by Openreach means that Salisbury now has access to the fastest internet speeds in the country.

Openreach have provided the means – the fleets of vans that have been seen all over the city for almost a year have upgraded boxes and provided fibre to premises to thousands of homes and businesses.

I am now intent on engaging with broadband providers to make sure that the best packages and the fastest speeds are made available to all customers who want to upgrade, using Salisbury’s best in class fibre infrastructure.

Early in the lockdown, I heard from a constituent upset that her daughter’s poor internet connection was making it difficult for her to enjoy ‘virtual hugs’ with her grandchildren.

On making enquiries, it turned out the neighbourhood had already been upgraded to full fibre and, armed with that knowledge, the daughter was able to persuade her ISP to change her subscription, to the great delight of both grandmother and grandchildren.

But, while the benefits of virtual hugs over the past few months cannot be overstated, as the economy reopens, I am particularly looking forward to seeing what businesses and entrepreneurial individuals do with the powerful resource we now have at our disposal.

Pitching to make Salisbury the first full fibre city was always intended to boost our economy and, after weeks of lockdown, we now need that lift more than ever.

I hope that, as we move forward in our recovery, some companies and individuals will see the potential to not just work their way back to normality but to raise their business to the next level.

Congratulations to all those retailers who reopened this week and thank you to all the shoppers who turned out to support them, observing social distancing and being patient and respectful of the measures in place to protect staff.

I know a lot of shops have got off to a flying start and I hope that will be sustained.

The next step is to get our important leisure and hospitality sector back on its feet and I hope the ongoing review of the 2m rule will keep things moving safely and vigilantly in the right direction.

Also this week, I have been visiting and engaging with local schools and talking to stakeholders about transport issues.

Posted by John Glen at 12:31pm

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