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1st April 2020

1st April 2020

I am back in Salisbury working full time from my flat in the Cathedral Close. As I write, I have two screens on the go – one with Treasury business and one constantly monitoring constituency emails.

My Treasury work continues to focus on supporting the economy through this crisis and delivering help to businesses and workers.

As I outlined in this column last week, numerous schemes are now in place to protect the self-employed, furloughed workers and those in self-isolation.

I am on daily calls with the Chancellor and officials and with the banks to work through the issues and ensure the availability of business interruption loans to those who need them.

On the home front, a lot of people are concerned by continuing queues at pharmacies and by the difficulty in obtaining supermarket delivery slots.

I am making urgent enquiries into what can be done to help pharmacies cope with the increase in demand.

Our supermarkets are working flat out doing terrific work and are making great strides in organising their resources to prioritise delivery to high risk groups.

In addition, a network of community volunteer groups has sprung up in every village of people willing to run errands for those who are unable to go out to shop.

Many of our churches have mobilised and there are registers where the needy and the willing can sign up and be connected to each other.

Thank you to all those who have volunteered officially or are doing their bit by looking out for a neighbour.

I would urge anyone who knows of a vulnerable person who has not sought support to get in touch because, the odds are, there is someone a stone’s throw away from them who would be happy to help.

It is a welcome reminder of how interconnected we are, and I think a lot of people will emerge from this with a far greater affection for and commitment to their community than previously.

On the subject of gratitude, the outpouring of support for the brave key workers who are keeping us safe and keeping us going at this time of crisis is well deserved and a joy to see.

But, as several constituents have pointed out, we should also spare some thanks for scientists who are researching Covid-19 – including the world-class minds working at Porton Down.

We are also counting on their brilliance to pave the way for a return to normality by understanding more about this dreadful disease and how to beat it.

Posted by John Glen at 9:39am

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