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24th June 2020

24th June 2020

I am very pleased to hear continuing positive reports from our non-essential retailers that a full week after reopening, trade remains brisk.

Reopening shops was an important step towards restoring people’s livelihoods and restarting the UK’s economy.

In Salisbury, where retail is such an important element of our local economy, it is also an indicator of the return of people’s confidence and an encouraging sign that normality is returning.

I was pleased to see the market bustling on Saturday morning and plenty of people enjoying the city centre again.

I know that a lot of small retailers have been able to benefit from furlough payments for staff and government grants, distributed by Wiltshire Council, to stay afloat during the difficult weeks of lockdown.

I am mindful that the summer will be a critical time for them and they are counting on the continuing support of customers to generate income and be able to stand on their own two feet again.

Our independents still offer a level of service and a social experience that cannot be matched online and, if you have not yet returned to your favourites, I would urge you to do so. They are safe – and will be very happy to see you!

There was more encouraging news this week as we now look forward to the reopening of, not only pubs and the leisure sector, but also holiday accommodation and many cultural attractions where social distancing can be facilitated.

South Wiltshire has a great deal to gain from anything we can salvage from the summer tourist trade and I know that businesses will be working hard to hit the ground running.

All this has only been made possible by continuing decreases in infection and transmission levels, thanks to the careful and responsible actions of the vast majority of the public.

I hope that keeping the 2m distancing where possible but introducing the option to flex to 1m with appropriate care will further increase confidence and give local businesses the maximum discretion to adapt so that they can operate both safely and profitably.

Posted by John Glen at 10:15am

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