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6th May 2020

6th May 2020

We are now seeing the positive rewards of weeks of lockdown in reduced levels of Covid-19 infections, hospitalisations and deaths.

It is extremely welcome news that the high levels of compliance with social distancing are paying off. I am grateful to everyone for the sacrifices they have made to save lives and ensure that worst case scenarios have not come to pass.

Nevertheless, I am aware that the frustrations of lockdown are increasingly being felt. More and more people are asking me when they can expect to be able to get back to work, visit family or enjoy more freedom to get out and about.

The government is now working urgently on phased proposals to ease the lockdown, with details due in the coming days.

The lockdown strategy thus far has been led by science - and so must the return to normality be.

This necessary ‘pause’ has been damaging for the economy and intensely challenging for many individuals and no-one wants it to go on a moment longer than necessary but lifting it too far too soon risks a second spike in infections, which must be avoided at all costs.

Starting as soon as possible, the steady and responsible restoration of a lasting and functional normality that we can all live with has to be the aim.

My ministerial focus in The Treasury has been on the economic effects of the lockdown, supporting businesses that are either shut down or seeing a loss of trade.

But I am also keenly aware that there are other costs apart from monetary ones and I know a lot of people are feeling very pulled down – anxious about their businesses, missing their families or feeling cut off from school friends.

I do sympathise with how hard it has been, but we are now on the way to a restoration of many of the freedoms that have been so hard to live without.

We must take courage from that and continue to be patient and selfless so that we can all return to normality together but in a controlled way that protects the NHS and keeps us and our loved ones safe.

Posted by John Glen at 9:15am

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