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8th April 2020

8th April 2020

As I write on Tuesday evening (7th April), I have received many kind get well messages for the Prime Minister.

It's obviously a very concerning time but he is in the best possible hands at St Thomas' Hospital.

The reality that the virus can strike even the most powerful person in the country shows the importance of everyone following the regulations and staying at home.

I am continuing to work on both Treasury and constituency business from my flat in Salisbury. My staff and I are doing our absolute best to provide personal replies to hundreds of constituents who have questions or who are experiencing particular difficulties at this challenging time for us all.

To listen to some sections of the media or perusing social media, it can feel as if nearly everyone is at home and off work.

In reality, I know that plenty of you are completely snowed under, working from home or going to work, as well as juggling childcare responsibilities and looking out for vulnerable friends and family members.

To clarify, going to work is allowed – as long as you cannot work from home and only if you can do your job safely, staying two metres apart.

When the worst of the crisis is over, the economy will need to hit the ground running and people who are managing to find creative and responsible ways to keep business ticking over are doing their bit, just as surely as those who are furloughed.

Thank you to everyone who is helping this extraordinary effort – brave key workers on the front line, home workers, self-isolators and all the wonderful volunteers helping their communities.

A lot of people have written to me to express grave concern that continued flouting of social distancing rules by a selfish minority may result in the withdrawal of daily exercise privileges for the rest of us.

I certainly look forward to my peaceful daily walk or run around Salisbury, and I know many constituents find theirs an absolute lifeline.

I am assured that there are no plans to confine people indoors.

To preserve our right to exercise, as well as carrying out their core duties, the police have taken on the weighty responsibility of monitoring compliance with social distancing and breaking up gatherings.

I and many others are grateful that, here in Wiltshire, they have committed themselves to doing so in a proportionate way that doesn’t stop individuals from sensibly accessing open spaces near to them.

Posted by John Glen at 9:21am

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