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8th January 2020

8th January 2020

Parliament is back and I was straight back into the swing of things, answering questions from the despatch box on Tuesday as part of Treasury Questions.

Departments take it in turns to answer questions from backbenchers on both sides of the house and, as the Treasury was next up when the election intervened, we were the first to face a grilling in the new Parliament!

I have also had several ministerial meetings and penned an article on green finance, our initiative to encourage major mainstream investment in green technology.

Meanwhile the Withdrawal Bill is continuing its legislative progress and I look forward to Parliament being able to shift its focus to a whole range of new domestic legislation in the months ahead.

The past few days have brought an influx of emails from constituents concerned over recent developments in Iran.

Some are calling for a full-throated defence of American actions, while others are calling for unequivocal condemnation.

We must avoid rushing to judgement, as we are responding in real time to a volatile situation and facts are still coming to light.

What I do welcome are the Prime Minister’s calls for restraint – both in public and in Cabinet. Our priority has to be protecting British citizens and interests and deescalating tensions.

Debates on foreign policy are, of course, nothing new. As an alumnus of the Royal College of Defence Studies course, I look forward to returning there on Thursday night to support my constituent, Tim Pleydell-Bouverie, at his seminar on the historical lessons of the 1930s, based on his very well received book.

On Friday, I am holding an advice surgery. My full diary of appointments spans a full range of issues - from national topics such as immigration and climate change to local authority matters such as housing and road repairs, as well as family and neighbour disputes.

I am also visiting Farley and catching up with Longford Estate.

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