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8th July 2020

8th July 2020

Although I have been doing constituency casework and talking to people online throughout lockdown, the time is right to cautiously return to normality.

Accordingly, I have stocked up on cleaning products for the office and taken my first socially distanced meetings.

I am grateful to the small group of constituents who came in on Friday for a lively and stimulating discussion about the Black Lives Matter movement.

They shared some powerful stories of outright ugly racism – bullying behaviour that all right-thinking people can agree is repugnant.

I firmly believe that most Salisbury people sincerely mean to treat everyone with the same kindness and respect. But what I will take away from the discussion are the many experiences of more subtle manifestations of racial bias.

What is being called for is not just simple agreement that discrimination on grounds of race is wrong - but a renewed awareness that racism takes many forms and an openness to interrogate unconscious prejudice in ourselves and others.

I have been working hard this week with The Chancellor on yesterday’s statement – a bold ‘reset’ of the economy and a series of interventions that build on the unprecedented levels of support we have given to business and individuals in recent months.

We are backing the economy to bounce back and demonstrating that we will do whatever is necessary to help it do so as quickly and as strongly as possible.

Speaking of unprecedented measures, the past week also saw the announcement of the single largest investment ever made in arts and culture in this country.

The £1.57bn package will support the sector to survive and flourish, as well as permitting the restarting of all capital and restoration projects put on hold by the lockdown.

Heritage and the arts are central to the economic and social life of Salisbury and I know that a lot of constituents have been fearful of the future for our beloved arts institutions.

Having moved to the Treasury from the role of Arts Minister, I am particularly pleased to see such generous recognition of the importance to the whole country of a vibrant creative economy.

I look forward to the release of more details of what is on offer and I will be putting in a positive word for Salisbury at every opportunity!

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