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View from the Commons - 11th September 2019

11th September 2019

It was another late night in the House of Commons on Monday (September 9th) as opposition parties conspired for the second time in five days to block a general election.

Given that the election would have been held on 15 October, there was ample time – more than two weeks – to delay Brexit if a new government was so inclined.

It leaves the inescapable conclusion that the Labour Party and Liberal Democrats were expecting the electorate to return a new government that would have endorsed the Prime Minister’s approach to leave by the end of October, come what may.

It is very surprising that those opposed to Brexit, who have spent the past year campaigning for a general election or second referendum, suddenly got cold feet when presented with the opportunity to give the people a vote – not once but twice!

It certainly calls into question the idea that opposition to Brexit is primarily motivated by defending democracy.

There has been a rather strange spectacle in my inbox this week where I have received hundreds of emails aghast at the prorogation of Parliament (which in effect just adds a small number of days to the annual conference recess period) on the grounds of democracy.

Meanwhile, those hostile to Brexit have been more than content to watch Jeremy Corbyn and Jo Swinson lead their parties to stop the British people getting a general election.

Not content with delaying Brexit and blocking a general election, Parliament also voted for the private mobile phone messages of government special advisors to be submitted to MPs for inspection – a gross invasion of privacy and in clear contravention of existing data protection and privacy laws.

I can only reiterate that I continue to give my full backing to the Prime Minister’s approach.

Despite media reports to the contrary, we are determined to deliver an agreement with the EU as we leave the bloc at the end of October. Equally, we are prepared to leave without one if the EU refuses to make any concessions. 

I know that the Prime Minister, along with many of us, is an admirer of Sir Winston Churchill. Sir Winston’s father, Lord Randolph Churchill, himself a national political figure in his own right, had a motto that he frequently used in his speeches – “Trust the People”.

It’s a simple but powerful reminder that puts its faith in democracy and the common sense of the British people. It is well worth keeping this principle front and centre in our national debate over the coming weeks.

Posted by John Glen at 9:36am

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