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View from the Commons - 30th July 2019

30th July 2019

It has been another eventful week in politics with the appointment of the new Prime Minister, and my week was somewhat different than usual as a consequence.

I returned to Salisbury last Friday, as usual, for a full round of engagements, among them a visit to Aspire defence in Larkhill to see the astonishing progress made since I was last there 18 months ago towards providing high quality accommodation for our returning military and their families.

Although the vast majority of them will be housed outside the constituency, rebasing crops up often in my postbag and I know that there is wide concern that the troops will have the right infrastructure and all the facilities they need to support family and community life.

I was therefore pleased to see the extensive work being done towards creating and sustaining a long-term military presence on Salisbury Plain.

It was interesting to hear that, such is the quality of the new catering facility, it is a significant challenge keeping some officers away!

While I was on that visit, I took a phone call on my mobile from Number 10, telling me to anticipate a call from the new PM.

My phone duly rang right on cue while I was on my way back to Salisbury and I took the call in a lay-by in Amesbury.

He asked me to stay in the role of Economic Secretary to the Treasury, which I have held for the last 18 months.

I was delighted to accept, especially given the experience of financial services I have now acquired and the policy area I am most passionate about, financial inclusion. This involves making sure that financial products and low-cost credit are made accessible for the most vulnerable in society.

Over the weekend, I took the opportunity to get out and about and meet residents in Shrewton.

This Saturday, I look forward to joining Salisbury Soroptomists for dinner as they celebrate gaining their charter.

This means the Salisbury group will be officially affiliated to a network of 90,000 women working across 123 countries to educate and empower women and girls – a worthy aim indeed.

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