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View from the Commons - 30th May 2019

30th May 2019

Harold Wilson's quip that 'a week is a long time in politics' has never felt truer than the past seven days. Following failure to secure a consensus among the Conservative MPs behind the EU Withdrawal Agreement, the Prime Minister bowed to the inevitable last Friday, announcing her resignation.

The inability to deliver Brexit then claimed further victims on Sunday as the results of the European parliamentary elections were announced.

As my inbox can attest, the Prime Minister's approach to Brexit was not universally loved. Brexiteers felt that it did not deliver the break from the EU that the country voted for, while Remainers argued that public opinion had moved on and Brexit should be cancelled or at least put to another referendum. 

I am of the view that the Prime Minister did the very best under extremely difficult circumstances to broker a compromise that had a chance of securing the backing of majority of MPs.

The Conservative Party now needs to choose a new leader and a new strategy to deliver Brexit. But we cannot expect to keep trying the same approach with the same personnel and expect the result to be different.

We need a new leader with a fresh vision to help unite the country, so we can implement the referendum result and put these years of severe polarisation behind us. 

On Monday, Sajid Javid announced that he was running for the leadership of the party, and I quickly confirmed that I was supporting his campaign.

Having known him for 25 years, I believe the Home Secretary has the skills and experience for the job. He also sends a powerful message that anyone, regardless of their ethnicity or upbringing can make it to the summit of British politics.

Turning to local issues, I have written this week to Highways England requesting a meeting to discuss what can be done to alleviate congestion in Southampton Road/College roundabout on the A36. Over the past two years, I have been pushing for this to be prioritised but been disappointed with the progress. It is a challenging situation given the geography and proximity of the river, but we must find a solution.

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