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Winterbourne Earls Primary School

4th May 2018

We’ve got Isabel, Theo, Archie, Allegra, Imogen, Hannah, and TWO Williams on Small Talk from Winterbourne Earls Primary School this week!

Winterbourne Earls Small Talk

MONDAY – We recorded this BEFORE the new Royal Baby’s name was known. We asked the kids would LIKE the new Prince’s name to be – although Theo seemed to have missed the big announcement all together……

TUESDAY – Which historical figure would you most like to go back in time to meet – and what would you ask them?

(By the way - it was Benjamin Franklin who discovered electricity, NOT Isacc Newton as Pat suggested!) 

WEDNESDAY – What the wackiest dream you’ve ever had?

THURSDAY – Winterbourne Earls has a fox on its school badge and it turns out there’s a reason for that!

FRIDAY  - Jokes!

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