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Acclimatisation to Oman

9th October 2018

From 10 to 40 degrees, over 800 soldiers in the battle group had to get used to the temperature somehow.

The soldiers have gone from the cold and misty, green Wiltshire to the scorching desert of Oman.

The army have been arriving in Muscat since the middle of September for the biggest joint exercise in over 15 years.

Going for a holiday in this heat, you’re allowed to sit by a pool in little more than a bikini – but over here, the soldiers are dressed in full kit for this huge exercise with the Omani soldiers.

Oman Exercise Salisbury Plain October 2018


The soldiers go through a period of acclimatisation to get them in ‘a strong position to live and work there.’

This doesn’t happen overnight and the military do not want to leave anyone in a position where they will not cope.

To prevent this – an 8 day regime was put in place to get each and every soldier fit and ready to go.


Having spent just a day on base, it’s easy to see why each soldier is giving a pack of 20 bottles of water every day to drink.

You step outside from the air-conditioned cars to what can only be described as walking into 100 hairdryers blowing on you – hot.

Private Mason Boyle, based in Bulford, is a warrior driver for the British Army armoured infantry – he says it’s not something you get used to quickly.

Oman Exercise Salisbury Plain October 2018

These soldiers trying to get as much shade as possible before the sun gets too high

Now they’re getting used to the heat, they’ll be preparing as a battlegroup in armoured vehicles to prepare for the battle scenario later this month.

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