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Creepy crawlies in Oman

10th October 2018

In the UK, we’re very rarely in contact with any poisonous animals except behind some glass at the zoo.

In Oman, there’s the possibility of seeing one every day.

The hot climate makes it the perfect place for snakes and spiders to live, and there have been some dangerous ones sited far.

If you research Oman spiders, snakes or scorpions – you’ll come up with plenty of articles describing the hundreds of different creepy crawlies you may find in the country. 

Gunner Fraser Gibbon from the 1RHA in Tidworth, say’s he did the research and may have seen a few of the ones he found online too whilst in the desert.

Gunner Fraser Gibbon from the 1RHA in Tidworth talking about the creepy crawlies he's seen

There have been no insect related injuries during the exercise Saif Sareea 3 in Oman so far.

Major Natasha Chatham-Zvelebil is one of the emergency department consultants at the 22 field hospital in Oman and talks through the preparation for the creepy crawlies before they came here.

Major Natasha Chatham-Zvelebil say's they had to prepare for the bugs before they came out to Oman

Let’s hope we don’t see any whilst we’re here – although we have seen this little fella this morning!

Lizard in Oman
This little lizard was seen on a wall in Oman

Posted by Ellie Harries at 1:06pm

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