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Keeping soldiers fit and ready for action

12th October 2018

Hosting a military exercise to the size and scale of Saif Sareea comes with its risks - and none more so than in health and safety.

But help is at hand in the Omanian desert, in the shape of a Field Hospital, manned by a Hampshire based regiment.

Most of the soldiers on duty there also work for the NHS back in the UK, and there's a strong relationship between the military and civilian healthcare provision.


Oman Field Hospital October 2018


The team on the ground also work closely with the health service in the Oman itself - which is ranked as one of the best in the world.

The Field Hospital itself can do much of the same emergency treatments that soldiers would have access to back home.

As well as standard triage care, they can do 'life, limb and eyesight saving surgery', supporting patients before they can be handed over to local hospitals or evacuated back to the UK.

That's all the more impressive given the team are working in tents, with limited air conditioning systems in place.


Oman Field Hospital October 2018


But we can rest assured that there aren't many really serious cases coming through to doors, most of the cases they're seeing are what's described as 'disease non-battle' illnesses and injuries.

Lieutenant Colonel David Wilson from 22 Field Hospital tells us more about their work:

During the training exercise, the medics are doing some special training of their own too.

They're trialling new kit, and reporting back to the NHS in the UK, to see whether it's ready for use on future operations.

We've had a fascinating insight into the work that the team are doing to make sure our troops are safe and healthy during their time in Oman.

And it's a reassurance to know that expert help is at hand if an emergency arises.

Posted by Ellie Harries at 9:44am

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