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What is the exercise - in laymans terms?

15th October 2018

Saif Sareea 3 (Arabic for swift sword) is the UK's biggest military exercise in 17 years - since Saif Sareea 2 in 2001.

5,500 British troops are in Oman - along with 65,000 Omani counterparts - to train in the harsh desert like conditions.

Oman exercise Saif Sareea October 2018 (ellie harries)

The idea is to get all of the soldiers used to the hot environment - with 40 degree temperatures.

Brigadier Zac Stenning, commander of 1 UK Armoured Infantry Brigade from Bulford, explains.


The troops, alongside 18 Challenger Two battle tanks (below) and 61 Warrior armoured vehicles, will be testing themselves in Oman

The exercise will take place in locations across Oman including Shafa, the port of Duqm and Thumrait.

The exercise will culminate in a live fire demonstration in November.

Chinook and Puma helicopters, Typhoon jets, as well as the amphibious assault ship HMS Albion will also be used.

Oman exercise Saif Sareea October 2018 (ellie harries)
The Puma helicopter is used in Oman to transfer troops to and from the camp in emergencies

Here's a taster of what they've been doing, including a battle type practice.

Each part of the exercise will take part during the least hot parts of the day, when the sun is not at its highest (and hottest).

Oman exercise Saif Sareea October 2018 (ellie harries)
Despite the sun setting beautifully in Oman at around 6pm, it's still in the mid thirties temperature wise

The soldiers will be testing their equipment, making sure their vehicles are good to go and making sure they're fit for the terrain.

Brigadier Stenning, say's this is a great excerise to get our troops ready - especially those who have never been on exercise before.

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