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Why are we in Oman?

8th October 2018

ON Spire FM, we cover stories about the military surrounding us whether that be on Salisbury Plain, in Tidworth, Bulford or even off on exciting trips around the world on exercises.

This time – we’ve been asked to go with them… to Oman.

Oman is an Islamic country that sits next to Saudi Arabia and Yemen, and is one of the UKs allies.

Much of the country is desert like and rarely goes below thirty degrees throughout the day.

Oman trip 2018
As we traveled through the desert, we had some locals asking us what our plans were!

The country has a long relationship with Britain and the Prime Minister stated in 2016 that “Gulf security is our security”.


Over 5,000 troops are currently in the country, for the largest military exercise in over 17 years.

Saif Sareea 3 involves the army, the navy and the air force as well as the Omani armed forces.

The aim of the exercise is help to develop the host countries military, improve the relationship between the two sides and help to deliver environmental training (getting used to a different climate).


We’re going to be there on the ground to see exactly what the forces are doing in the 40 degree heat.

Oman trip 2018
Once you get outside of the city limits, there's very little to see bar desert

Stepping off the plane, it’s like having a hair dryer constantly on your face.

The cities capital Muscat has aircon in their airport (thankfully) but there’s no preparing for the heat that hits you when you get outside into the busy pick up zone.

Cars have all (thankfully) the mod cons and it’s not long before we’ve cooled down in the back of the transport the army have provided.

Over the next few days, we’ll be seeing what they’re doing to acclimatise to this heat in the daytime as well as what this exercise means for the armed forces and their Omani counterparts.

Posted by Ellie Harries at 4:15pm

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