Local Hero Awards

We're looking to you to help us find the unsung heroes in South Wiltshire and West Hampshire.

Use the form below to tell us about your Local Hero.  Scroll down for a brief summary of each award. 


Nominations for the Local Hero Awards have now closed.

The Awards: 

Bravery Award - Sponsored by The Stones Hotel

Who’s the bravest hero you know?  From daring rescues to overcoming illness, whatever their act of bravery, nominate them for The Bravery Award.

Carer Of The Year Award - Sponsored by Elite Care

If you know an unpaid, unsung carer who selflessly looks after for a loved-one (perhaps they care for you), nominate them for The Carer Of The Year Award,  

Charity Fundraiser Award - Sponsored by Wessex Drainage Solutions

If you know someone, or a group of people, whose heroic efforts to raise money for charity really make a difference, nominate them for The Charity Fundraiser Award, 

Child Of Achievement Award - Sponsored by Five Rivers Childcare

Children always amaze us, but if you know a child who’s achieved something remarkable, overcoming all difficulties, nominate them for The Child Of Achievement Award.

Lifesaver Award - Sponsored by Unstuck Design 

Celebrate someone who’s saved a life! A professional or an ordinary person, if they saved your life or someone you know, nominate that hero for The Lifesaver Award. 

Lifetime Achievement Award - Sponsored by Allum & Sidaway

If you know someone who’s spent their whole life helping others it’s time to reward them for a lifetime of heroic actions!  Nominate them for The Lifetime Achievement Award. 

Neighbour Of The Year Award - Sponsored by Barrakav Property 

A good neighbour can give help and support in a time of need.  If a special neighbour has helped you or someone you know, nominate them for Neighbour Of The Year Award. 

Parent Or Guardian Of The Year Award - Sponsored by Northwood

If you know a heroic Mum, Dad or parent-figure who cares through thick and thin, nominate them for The Parent Or Guardian Of The Year Award.

Sports Achievement Of The Year Award - Sponsored by Nicholas & Harris

They beat the odds or exceeded all expectations!  Who is your local sporting hero?  Whoever they are nominate them for The Sports Achievement Of The Year Award.

Teacher Of The Year Award - Sponsored by The Body Lounge 

Teachers can shape our lives, but if you know a teacher who always goes beyond the call of duty for their students, nominate them for The Teacher Of The Year Award.

Volunteer Of The Year Award - Sponsored by Gracewell Healthcare

All volunteers are heroes, but if you know a volunteer who truly goes the extra mile,  nominate them for The Volunteer Of The Year Award.




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