Music Bingo

music bingo


On an average day we’ll play 288 songs on Spire FM – but you only need to hear 5 of them to win CASH!

Sign up to play Music Bingo on Spire FM and you could be our next £50 winner.   

The longer you listen, the better your chances of winning.

The rules...

  • Tracks must have started playing to be valid (not just announced by the presenter).
  • The game will end when the first valid card has been submitted.
  • You must have stamped all the bands/artists in one row OR column on your card and submitted it for your card to count.
  • All artists that have been marked as listened to will be validated.
  • Previous winners are excluded from playing for 30 days in accordance with our standard terms and conditions. 
  • You are listening for the band/artist on your card, not certain songs.
  • Songs that include two artists count for either artist. E.G. If we play Coldplay/Rihanna - Princess of China you can stamp "Coldplay" or "Rihanna" if you have either of them on your game card.

Congratulations to all our winners so far:

Emma Adams from Amesbury

Jordan Steele from Salisbury

Elaine Smith-Enticott from Salisbury

Marcus Bird from Hindon

Sean Chalke from Salisbury

Angie Stewart from Harnham

Victoria Steele from Salisbury

Natalie Presswell from Amesbury

Katie Brooks from Salisbury

Joanna Hurst from Salisbury

The next game starts on Monday morning at 6am. Good Luck!

Music Bingo

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Frequently Asked Questions

My Music Bingo play card has disappeared, where has it gone?  

Once a player has clicked bingo, the card is verified and the game ends.  If you haven’t won, you’ll be sent an email telling you the game has ended and your card will no longer be visible as the game is over. 

I won, how do I claim my winnings?

There’s no need to do anything, we have all your details so will send you a cheque within the next 7-10 working days. 



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