Jeans that 'stop your farts from smelling' are on sale for £100

Jeans that 'stop your farts from smelling' are on sale for £100

Published at 8:11am 7th December 2018. (Updated at 8:21am 7th December 2018)

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Never be embarrassed again!


We've all been there... looking for the nearest escape route when it just has to be released... but worry no more!

You can now purchase jeans that block the smell of your farts!

Imagine a life full of eating beans, eggs and all the other delightful goods that usually would make you think about the consequences and question your food choices, but now can be enjoyed care-free.

You'll never have to feel embarrassed again with the new 'flatulence jeans' designed to eliminate the fart odour.

Gas Mask (pixabay)
Gone are the days of your friends having the wear gas masks around you...

The jeans are created with a hidden carbon lining that stops your partner and co-workers running for their lives.

They do cost £100 but it's a worthy investment if you're someone who struggles with this on a daily. Like Shrek once said - better out than in!

Shreddies website explains:

''Shreddies flatulence filtering jeans feature a carbon lining which eliminates odours. The carbon lining gives increased protection and more freedom to enter social situations. 


''When worn with Shreddies flatulence filtering underwear it offers a double layer of protection, giving increased confidence that all odours are filtered.''
fart jeans
The website also sells pyjamas, underwear and other merchandise for both men and women for 24-hour protection from unwanted gas.


If you know someone who loves to pop it off on a daily basis, this is a perfect Christmas gift idea.


They added:

''Shreddies can be worn by anyone but they offer the perfect solution to treat flatulence issues caused by IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), Gastritis, Crohn’s disease, Dyspepsia and Colitis as well as food intolerance's and many other bowel and digestive disorders.

''Anybody that suffers from excessive flatulence will know of the social issues that it can cause and Shreddies not only improves the physical symptoms but also helps reduce the anxiety associated with this condition.''

Shreddies explain that the average person passes wind around 14 times a day and their garments are discreet to make sure no one is able to tell that you're wearing anything other than regular clothing.fart jeans
Some people are really loving the jeans so far:
''Hi, I love your product! I can’t take them off, even the dog stays around!''

''My Shreddies arrived today and they may just have saved my marriage!

''I’m undergoing Chemotherapy and the flatulence caused by the medication is unbearable, Shreddies has sorted that out. Thank you x''

Get your hands on a pair to never worry about answering the call of the wild burrito again!
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