The feel good stories from around Salisbury in 2018

The feel good stories from around Salisbury in 2018

Published at 11:33am 28th December 2018. (Updated at 11:35am 28th December 2018)

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It may seem like it was all doom and gloom but there were some pretty great tales from the year.

We'll get it out of the way now - novichok dominated the news this year.

It's been a hard time for Salisbury and Amesbury dealing with the aftermath but some good news stories did come through as well.

Here are some of our top stories of 2018.


Snow 2018 - 4x4 drivers heading to Salisbury District Hospital - collage (Mike Draper) (3)
The 4x4s came out in force

The snow at the beginning of March was a bit crazy wasn't it?

It stopped us all from going to work, going away or really doing anything!

What it also stopped was people getting to and from Salisbury District Hospital - staff and patients.

Robin Reliant car stuck in snow at the Harnham junction in Salisbury
Cars were struggling to make it up and down the roads towards the hospital

Staff called Spire FM to ask if we could put out a plea for 4x4 drivers to help transport their staff.

After a few mentions on air and online, Salisbury District Hospital had over 100 calls on the 2nd March with offers of help from 4x4 owners and drivers.

An army of drivers worked incredibly hard ferrying nurses and staff to and from from the hospital after it was cut off to regular traffic and buses, and even ambulances at time, due to the heavy snow on Odstock Road.


When the cordons arose in Salisbury, one of the main ones was at The Mill pub.

Greg Townsend, General Manager of The Mill lives above the pub and own two pet rabbits.

Greg said previously:

"I was sent out of my flat Monday night at 23:50 by the police in Salisbury. I was told I would have access to my flat by Tuesday evening.

"I gave the Rabbits lots of food and water then was escorted out of my flat.

"The police are refusing to let anybody into my flat to give them food and water. They are still alive!! but I think we're on borrowed time."

Thanks to a public appeal, Wiltshire Police went in to feed the rabbits and they were reunited with Greg two weeks later.


Many may have visited in the wake of the spy poisoning, but haven't some very important people come to Salisbury and the surrounding areas?


Prince Harry at Middle Wallop March 2018 (Ellie Harries)
Prince Harry visited Middle Wallop
Theresa May in Salisbury 2018 Salisbury Incident (Ellie Harries)
Theresa May visited Salisbury in May
HRH Prince of Wales Prince Charles and Duchess of Cornwall Camilla Royal Visit in June 2018 (Ellie Harries)
Prince Charles and Camilla visited Salisbury in June


Wiltshire Council has proved they *do* have a sense of humour as they cancel one parking fine in the city!

Jayne Parsons was unfortunate to be issued with a ticket while she was parked up outside her house in Butts Road on Sunday August 12th.

And while she accepted she was in the wrong for being on double yellows, she thought she'd have a go at appealing the penalty anyway.

Jayne wrote to Wiltshire Council's Parking Services with her excuse - in the form of a poem!

Here what she wrote:

Dear Sir, or to whom it may concern,
A parking fine I did earn.
I was parked outside my house on yellow lines,
Intending to move and dodge your fines.
But on Sunday I was loading my car
With food and cakes for a horse show; not far

Before these events, I get a nervous tum,
For the toilet I had to run.
And with not a moment to lose,
I made it indoors to release my poos!

I couldn't move until all was done,
But when I returned the fine was done.
I thought it better was be discreet
And leave the car parked in the street.
Next time I'll move and not be a pain,
But if I get caught short, I'll s*** in the drain.

Wiltshire Council responded with this!


Wiltshire Council Parking Ticket Poem August 2018



Some 'knitting ninjas' came out and about in Amesbury and spruced up the town.

The team from Annies out of House Wool Shop in the Wilton Shopping Village say it was them who put up the displays.

Anne Luce from there told Spire FM:

"It's just for fun and to put a smile on people's faces. Glad you enjoyed it!"

Amesbury Yarnbombing October 2018
Doesn't the yarn look fabulous?


The mystery surrounding the road signs in Broadchalke is still very much just that - a massive mystery!

The painted signs appeared in November and no one has taken repsponsibility for them yet.

They've got some clever slogans on them - but it's unclear whether they've had any impact on the speeds that drivers take through the village at this stage.

Broadchalke Road Safety Signs November 2018
Mystery still surrounds who created these


Jacinta Landon, who runs Elevate Dance Company, was sent back to New Zealand last year after a mistake with her visa.

Jacinta was denied a renewal visa when her ancestry one had run out in 2017.

She's was told she couldn't apply for a visa for year and was BANNED from entering the UK until she had a new one.

Luckily, she's now returned and got a new visa in place too!



Now how's this for an incredible story - little Joey Wright came into the world at 11.11am on the 11th of the 11th.

The delivery happened at Simon Wright and Julia Hodson's home in Tidworth.

Their gorgeous new addition weighed 7lb 11oz and what's even more special about the Remembrance Sunday birth is that Joey's dad is a serving soldier!

Tidworth Remebrance Sunday baby November 2018
Simon Wright and Julia Hodson with Joey


Lyndsey Harvey had her John Lewis bowl taken over Halloween, and Twitter users were HOOKED by the tale.

She got hundreds of replies and John Lewis also got involved - giving her a new salad bowl!


Those less privileged over the holidays will had a place to enjoy Christmas day, and fill their bellies too.

Belko's Burgers, run by Thom Belk from Salisbury, have gave up his day on the 25th December to help those less fortunate to enjoy a nice lunch.

The Austin Cohen Global Foundation also followed suit and set up a free lunch in Amesbury.

Over a thousand pounds was raised for the event and volunteers popped up to help out.

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