Funniest calls to RSPCA in 2018

Funniest calls to RSPCA in 2018

Published at 12:27pm 21st January 2019.

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Today (January 21st) is claimed to be the worst day of the year so here are some tales from the charity to cheer you up.

The RSPCA is trying to lift spirits on Blue Monday with some of their funniest calls in 2018.


Members of the public in Grantham, Lincolnshire, were extremely concerned when they spotted a bright red scorpion sitting on the pavement in a residential street.

RSPCA animal collection officer (ACO) Paula Jones responded to a call for help on 22 March and arrived to find the callers had cordoned off the area with cones and were trying to keep the public a safe distance away.

But when she arrived, ACO Jones quickly realised the scorpion was a fake rubber toy!

Fake Scorpion (RSPCA)
Would this creep you out?

"Cecil the scorpion is now my van buddy and keeps me company on the road!"


RSPCA officers were really concerned after receiving reports of a beheaded swan in Warrington, Cheshire.

An upset woman contacted the charity on 22 February after spotting the bird laid out on the gravel at Europa Boulevard in Westbrook.

Inspector Claire Fisher went to the scene.

"The woman called us and said the bird was collapsed with the neck stretched out.

"I met the site manager on Gemini Business Park and we soon realised no veterinary treatment would be necessary - as the bird was a plastic model! He arranged some emergency treatment for the beheaded statue - some silicone and a screw or two - before returning her to her mate!"

Swan toy (RSPCA)
Poor plastic model swan...


RSPCA officers and firefighters were called to Thornton le Dale in North Yorkshire in August when a member of the public spotted an owl fledgling trapped on a roof.

ACO Leanne Honess-Heather said:

"They called and said they'd seen the bird move slightly but were concerned as it had been in the same spot for two days."

She went to look and was joined by firefighters from Pickering Fire Station.

A firefighter climbed up to rescue the bird - which turned out to be a fluffy, heart-shaped grey cushion!

Cushion Owl (RSPCA)
"They called and said they'd seen the bird move slightly but were concerned as it had been in the same spot for two days."


RSPCA officers thought they were dealing with something very scary and sinister when they received reports of a skinned cat dumped in a front garden in Stoke Newington, London, on 5 September.

RSPCA inspector Kate Ford attended the scene after members of the public reported the grisly find to the animal welfare charity and police.

"When I arrived, the body of the 'cat' had been covered with a towel.

"We were told it was just the cat's fur coat that had been left and the animal had no head.

"This wasn't surprising when I arrived and found it wasn't a cat at all - but a fur hat! I was very relieved it wasn't the dark case I was expecting to turn up to."

Cat v Hat (RSPCA)
Cat or hat?


An RSPCA officer rushed to a home in Hackney, London, to help a collapsed lizard - and arrived to find a chewed dog's toy!

ACO David Eckworth was called on 11 September concerned for the welfare of a lizard that was curled up in her garden.

"The call came in saying the lizard was unresponsive and was curled in a ball.

"But when I attended the address and ventured into the garden to locate the poorly reptile - I found a half-eaten dog's chew toy of an elephant!"

Dog Toy (RSPCA)
"The call came in saying the lizard was unresponsive and was curled in a ball..."


ACO Rachel Edwards was extremely worried when she heard about a cat stuck 80ft up a tree in Ashendon, near Aylesbury, in Buckinghamshire.

She rushed over on 28 November and, using her binoculars, soon spotted the stricken puss at the top of a branch.

"The caller was very worried because the cat was swinging from side to side in high winds on a very long, high branch."

"But once I was able to look through binoculars and spot the 'cat' myself it was clear to see that it was, in fact, a rather podgy squirrel! He was perfectly happy jumping from branch to branch!"

Cat vs Squirrel (RSPCA)
Is it a bird? Is it a cat?


RSPCA ACO Jenny Preston had a day out at the seaside on 29 December when she was called to help a trapped bird on Southsea Pier in Hampshire.

"We were called by a member of the public who was concerned about a bird who was caught by the foot in a flag pole on the roof of the pier.

"We were told the bird was thrashing around, trying to escape, but was stuck around 30ft high.

"I rushed down there and was expecting to have to call for back-up to help with the rescue at height - but soon realised we wouldn't need to call in the cavalry, as it was a kite used to scare birds, not an actual bird!"

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