Fiver parties - would you send your child to one?

Fiver parties - would you send your child to one?

Published at 2:40pm 11th February 2019.

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It's the latest birthday party trend.

What is a fiver party?

  • Latest birthday party craze among parents is the Fiver Party.
  • It's where mums and dads ask for a £5 in a birthday card instead of gift for their son or daughter.
  • The idea is they can then put it towards something they want.
  • Is it a good move or bad?

Fiver parties are children’s birthday parties at which, instead of spending hours searching for a present they may or may not like, parents are asking other mums and dads to simply stick a fiver in a card.

The idea is that the birthday child gets to spend a good bit of the money on something that they really want or save it, and parents aren’t left with a pile of toys that the child doesn’t even want or worse still duplicate presents.

Birthday cake

For some parents, many welcome the so-called 'fiver parties' stating it's a good way of teaching kids to enjoy get-togethers, putting the emphasis on people instead of gifts.

Others call a move like this forward, cheeky, presumptuous and tacky. And some people just don’t feel comfortable handing over money.


Spire FM asked some local mums what they thought about the concept of 'fiver parties' - some were in favour: 

"It’s a great idea. The ones I’ve seen say ‘a couple of pounds’ rather than £5. I stuck 5 x £1 coins onto a Milkybar for a party last week"Milli Schofield from Downton

"I like the idea. Whilst it does take the personal touch away it does mean the birthday girl or boy receives something they would really like, fewer gifts received is also no bad thing and in a year you can attend over 20 different parties which is a lot of presents for one family to purchase - this provides an easy practical way to give a gift. But I would want my child to thank everyone as normal and share what was bought with everyone's contributions"Mum of three Katie Small from Lover

"I think its a good idea! Especially if for example the parent gives an idea of a present eg. a scooter/Barbies/LOL Surprise or something the birthday girl or boy is saving for"Salisbury mum Natalie Romano

"What a brilliant idea. My daughter is 2 in April and she has so many toys already that giving money instead of a present would be such a nice idea, it could either go into her savings account for the future or it could go towards one gift that costs a bit more"Sara Dixey from Salisbury

Some are less keen though, these parents are against the idea:

"I may be the one to buck the trend but I personally would only ask for money donations if it was to go to charity. I like to think I put effort and thought into the gifts I buy even for small people, and enjoy getting things I think the person will like or making a gift etc" - Zoe Turley from Salisbury

"I think it's awful, slightly lazy and a bit mercenary too.  Although I seem to be in the minority...  completely misses the point of gift giving and teaches the recipient that only bigger gifts have any value rather than learning to appreciate the effort and thought that may have gone into choosing/making a gift" - Fordingbridge mum Morag O'Brien

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