Tips to keep your children safe online during Covid-19

Tips to keep your children safe online during Covid-19

Published at 7:23am 12th April 2020.

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With more youngsters staying at home, Wiltshire Police have issued some advice to parents.

Superintendent Ben Mant has written a letter to parents and guardians warning them of the risks as children are likely to be spending more time on the internet at the moment. 

In the letter, he touched upon sending or uploading pictures on social media apps like Facebook, Snapchat or Whatsapp. 

He says

"What many young people do not appreciate, is that a screenshot can be taken and the photo printed to keep.

Whether they are using Snapchat, Facebook, TikTok, Twitter or WhatsApp, if you’re able, it is important to speak to your child about the risks online, not posting messages or chatting to someone online in anger or on impulse."

Child Sex Offences Online Abuse
With youngsters likely be online more during this period the force want them to stay safe

Parents are being encouraged to tell their child to think before they post, as these messages are almost impossible to take back. 

The letter goes on to say:

"Whilst many of the posts are completely harmless, there are occasions where young people are posting inappropriate and sometimes indecent images of themselves. 

This is putting them at risk, so it’s also important to speak to them to understand why they have done this. It could be done out of naivety or it could be something more, like bullying or harassment, so it is crucial they know where to go if they need help in any way."

  • It is illegal for young people to take, share or sell indecent images of themselves
  • It is illegal for young people to post indecent images and then demand money for them

If anyone see's or knows of someone contacting a young person offering money for images, they need to report this to a trusted adult for appropriate action to be taken.

More advice is available on the Wiltshire Police website.

Computer and phone
Social media sites on both phones and computers could be dangerous


Superintendent Ben Mant says that one of the most important things is to have clear communication with your children. 

You need to talk about how to treat others online and stress that respect is key

They also need to know what is and isn't appropriate for an online platform.

Supt Mant finished by saying that parents are not alone and help is available for those who need it. 

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