Local Radio Day is coming - Spire FM gives it our backing!

Local Radio Day

5:52am 10th May 2016
(Updated 5:55am 10th May 2016)

We're twice as likely to get local news from local radio stations - than newspapers or regional TV.

New research has been published as Spire FM launches Local Radio Day in South Wiltshire and West Hampshire.

It's about celebrating proper local radio right across the UK.

Secretary of State for Culture Media and Sport - John Whittingdale - is backing the initiative:

"I think local radio plays a really vital role in local communities. It's so often the best source to know what's going on in local communities, not just local news, but also things like traffic, community events, charitable causes and generally to play a part in supporting the community."

Celebs such as Rick Astley and Fran Healy from the band Travis are lending their support to Local Radio Day. Rick told Spire FM:

"When the person is talking to you on the radio, they understand you because they live there as well. When they talk about local issues, they actually care, because it's not just being broadcast from London."

Here's more from the Never Gonna Give You Up singer:

As we get closer to Local Radio Day itself, we'll have more detail about what we'll be doing to celebrate the best in proper local radio.

We're planning to take Martin Starke and Henrietta Creasey back to school for the day, and you could have Pat Sissons doing his afternoon show LIVE from your living room!

John Whittingdale - the Secretary of State for Culture Media and Sport - what he loves about proper local radio:

"Services like local traffic reports at drivetime, bringing to people's attention local events taking place and of course reporting the local news and weather. Then of course, local radio comes into its own when something happens where we need to get information to people very quickly."

Local Radio Day, on Friday May 27th is the idea of Spire FM's parent company - UKRD.

We've been hearing from our CEO, William Rogers, about the idea:

You can find out more about it all on our special section of the website at www.spirefm.co.uk/local-radio-day

And get involved on social media, using the hashtag #properlocalradio

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