The Local Hero Awards - Who are your winners?

The Local Hero Awards - Who are your winners?

Published by The Spire FM News Team at 4:32pm 22nd January 2017. (Updated at 11:10am 30th January 2017)

Here's an insight into who you nominated as South Wilshire and West Hampshire's Local Heroes.

The Local Hero Awards give us, as a community, the chance to show our appreciation for those local people who wouldn't be otherwise recognised.

Tears of joy, cheers of admiration, and huge applause were shared on Friday (20th January 2017) at The Stones Hotel near Amesbury in celebration of south Wiltshire and west Hampshire's true heroes.

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Here are their remarkable stories from those who nominated them:

Child of Achievement - Brandon Hulcoop

"Brandon from Amesbury was nominated by his younger sister Rhea for his achievements despite his disability. The 15-year-old has septo-optic dysplasia which has left him completely blind. However, he's not let it disable him or put him down in any way and learnt to live life as normally as possible by now being able to cook with minor supervision, walk a well known route on his own and clean and dry clothes.

"What is really inspiring is his skills when it comes to writing. He won the Rotary International Young Writers competition in 2012, won over £600 for his writing on Braille and has published several different stories as well as achieving his grade one on the trumpet. A true child of achievement."

Local Hero Awards 2017 Brandon Hulcoop ( S W P)

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Parent - Suzi Wotherspoon

"Suzi has twin boys, both of whom have cerebral palsy. One is wheelchair bound and peg fed, both have epilepsy and their specialist is in Southampton. It may not seem far but it is when you have one child in hospital and one at home, Suzi was double tagging between both boys back and forth to ensure they both had her time even though Suzi must have been tired, she still had to be there for both her boys.

"The boys are now 16 years old, heavy going for mum & dad and in the 6 years Allied have been involved with the family, we have never heard Suzi complain, stress, or moan about life, she is always up beat, smiling and has time for people. The staff that work with the family have said many a time that Suzi deserves a medal and yet if this went further Suzi wouldn't understand why. Anyone of the team would describe Suzi as,strong, humble, a good teacher and an amazing lady, you only have to meet the boys to see what a fantastic mum they have."

 Local Hero Awards 2017 Suzi Wotherspoon ( S W P)

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Sports achievement - Jon Tribbeck 

"Jon, from Tribbeck Jewellers in Salisbury, bravely decided to swim the English channel for Julia's House in July 2016. Jon was very passionate about Julia's House and the care that we have started to provide in Wiltshire, and wanted to do what he could to raise our profile and fundraise at the same time. After lots of training he bravely took to the water but unfortunately after 12.5 hours, just off the French coast his crew decided to pull him from the swim.

"Jon's lungs had begun to fill with fluid and his oxygen saturation levels plummeted, otherwise known as Swimming Induced Pulmonary Edema (SIPE). Treatment with oxygen and diuretics is effective but urgently required so the coastguard evacuated him by helicopter to Ashford Hospital. After a lot of rest, Jon has made a full recovery and in the Autumn even "got back in the saddle" to swim again for us around Brownsea Island. People like Jon really show the length and dedication they give to charities like Julia's House, and they even put their own lives at risk to support us. Jon has raised well over £3000 for Julia's House and he should be so proud of what he has achieved as we certainly are, and we couldn't thank him enough."

Local Hero Awards 2017 Jon Tribbeck ( S W P)

You can read more about Jon's story on our news page at

Neighbour - Marion Hearne

"She goes into Betty, a 94 year old lady, every morning to make sure she's OK and help her put her stocking and shoes on, she then visits her during the day and at the end of the day to make sure she is safe in bed. She drives other residents to appointments, and collects shopping if they need it.

"On Christmas day she always cooks a meal for anyone who is on their own and serves it in the day room, she also keeps the gardens up together she is amazing and not always in great health herself, but she never complains, she also makes the coffee and tea every Wednesday morning when most of the residents meet and also organises a gardening club on a Tuesday afternoon. Marion also organises trips out during the year and meals at the local pub so everyone can get together. She really is a wonderful unselfish person who I really think deserves this award."

Teacher - Jon Godfrey

"Mr Godfrey is a fun and entertaining teacher who always makes lessons interesting and understandable. He also goes out of his way to help students learn and enjoy school. He forms really good bonds with his students, even new ones like me, in Year 7. He also gives up his free time to help children understand at break and lunch and he also runs the DofE for the older students after school and at weekends. I think he is a FANTASTIC teacher!"

"Mr Godfrey has gone out of his way to get our year the best grades possible on our controlled assessment. He has also set up many after school and lunchtime catch up for geography, which he attempts to get everyone a C. He also gives up his weekends and after school to provide the DofE bronze award to year 10 students in our school. When I completed this he had only two students left who haven't passed but they are just about to. He is a caring teacher who always puts his students first. He makes his lessons fun and interactive and everyone enjoys having him as their teacher. He's always a friendly face who is always happy to help whether it is in geography or in other subjects. He is a supportive and caring teacher and I believe that he really deserves to be recognised through this award."

Local Hero Awards 2017 Jon Godfrey (S W P)

GALLERY - see all the photos from the night at

Carer - Teresa Atkinson 

"I would like to nominate my wife for this award because she not only works in a care home but we also have an autistic son who is 21 years of age. My wife puts everyone else before herself and deserves to be recognised for all her hard work both at work and at home."

Local Hero Awards 2017 Teresa Atkinson ( S W P)

Volunteer - Glynn Reeve

"Glynn has volunteered for St. John ambulance for at least 50 years. He is currently the leader at Salisbury division although he stepped down to let someone else take over. On there departure he stepped up again to take on the mammoth task of running the division once again. The commitment and dedication is second to none. He gives up practically every weekend and many evenings to provide the community with reassurance of knowing help is at hand. He has trained and helped so many people many who have gone on to become paramedics or at uni becoming doctors. The amount of work which is required of running a division is tremendous, what with new protocols to follow. Glynn would have no idea about being nominated. I think after so many years of not being recognised for his volunteering, it's about time he is shown he is appreciated for the commitment and dedication."

Local Hero Awards 2017 Glynn Reeve 2 ( S W P)

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Lifetime Achievement - Glynn Reeve

"Glynn Reeve joined St John Ambulance as a cadet when he was 8 years old. 53 years later he is still a active volunteer of St John Ambulance and is the unit manager of the Salisbury Unit but has served in many management positions in Wiltshire. Salisbury is one of the busiest units in the South West covering events ranging from village fetes to festivals to horse shows but yet Glynn some how manages to organise event cover for them. He is well liked by all those in the organisation and he is a famous name within the local horse scene. I'm nominating Glynn Reeve because he has put a endless amount of hours into the organisation voluntarily and in his years have treated hundreds of people with many types of injuries, some of which are devastating and is still committed to helping others, even after his retirement. When I joined St. John Ambulance at 16 Glynn saw me into the unit and welcomed me with a open door. 4 years later I'm now going to university to do my paramedic training and without Glynn and his support in the unit, this dream of mine most likely would not have been achieved."

Local Hero Awards 2017 Glynn Reeve ( S W P)

PICTURES - You can have a look at all the photos from the evening on our gallery page at

Lifesaver - Alastair Kett

"Alastair was on the train from London to Salisbury. He had caught an earlier train than usual back from work as it was his daughter's birthday and he wanted to get home in time to see her. As he was sitting in his seat a man was walking up the aisle of the carriage towards him, swaying a bit. As he reached Alastair, the man lurched forward and fell on Alastair. At first Alastair thought he might have been drunk and stumbled (because of the swaying that he'd seen), but in a split second, Alastair realised that he had no pulse and had died!

"Quick as a flash, Alastair struggled out from underneath the man, got him onto the floor of the aisle and started CPR. He continued compressions (that he'd vaguely remembered from his army days 10 years before) for, I believe about 20 mins, until the train got to Woking station. Exhausted as they reached Woking from administering CPR (it is apparently very physical), Alastair called for someone to reach for the defibrillator on the station platform, only to find it had been stolen. He, with the help of another passenger from the train, got the man onto the platform at Woking so that the train could progress on, and continued to give CPR on the cold platform until the ambulance finally arrived.

"The man went to hospital and Alastair caught the next train home to see his daughter on her birthday. The man survived; Alastair had saved his life. Alastair doesn't know who he is, but upon checking with the police the following day they confirmed that the man was still in hospital but doing well. Alastair is very understated but truly deserves to be recognised for this amazing act. It is also worth mentioning here that he and his daughter (she of having the 11th birthday) had been talking about CPR about a week before this incident as she'd done a first aid course at school and had learned about CPR. Alastair said it was his army first aid training from so many years ago and the refresher by talking about it with his daughter that gave him the confidence to just get on and do it. Well done Alastair a proper local hero!"

Local Hero Awards 2017 Alistair Kett ( S W P)

WATCH: You can see the whole ceremony from the Stones Hotel on our news page at

Bravery - PC Matt Bennett 

"At 10.48 am on the 8 July information was received from Boscombe Down Air Traffic Control that a light aircraft had crash landed. The exact location and welfare of the crew were at that point unknown.

"PC Bennett, made his way to the area and spotted a helicopter circling over the Dinton area. He made his way towards the location of the helicopter and was joined by a Fire Crew who had also been tasked. Whilst traveling along dirt tracks he spotted the wreckage and due to the lack of vehicular access ran some considerable distance through crop fields with the Fire Officer to the crash site.

"The plane had extensive damage, but the Co-Pilot was still strapped into the rear seat and was conscious. There was however no trace of the pilot and PC Bennett commenced an area search locating him in the field. Despite the strong smell of aviation fuel and the obvious risk of fire PC Bennett, together with the Fire Officer began to treat the two aircrew.

"The Pilot was unconscious and not breathing. PC Bennett ignored the risk to himself and began to carry out CPR on the pilot, and on arrival of medical teams they confirmed that the pilot was sadly deceased. PC Bennett went on to assist with the Co-Pilot who was, despite severe injuries, conscious and talking, but due to the impact was trapped in the aircraft.

"Prior to the Fire Service starting the process of cutting him free PC Bennett had the presence of mind to take detailed photographs of the plane and the surrounding wreckage to assist with the investigation into the crash. This action was highly praised by senior aircraft investigators when they arrived at the scene. He remained at the site and walked the Air Crash Investigators through the scene on their arrival giving them detailed vital information.

"This was a horrific, dangerous and extremely traumatic scene to be confronted with. PC Bennett displayed extreme courage in administering CPR without hesitation, and acting with the utmost professionalism throughout."

Local Hero Awards 2017 Matt Bennett ( S W P)

You can read more about Matt's story on our news page at

Charity Fundraiser of the Year - Barrie, Jan and Izzie Burns

"In October 2011 Charlie Burns, aged 10 from Bulford in Wiltshire suffered a seizure. An ambulance crew attended and diagnosed a febrile convulsion but Charlie was not taken to hospital. Four days later, Charlie suffered a second seizure which was sadly fatal. It was later determined that the cause of Charlie's death was Sudden Unexplained Death in Epilepsy (SUDEP).

"His parents Baz and Jan, and big sister Izzie have campaigned since Charlie's death to raise awareness of SUDEP and to fundraise for the charities who have supported them as a family, including:

"SUDEP Action who raise awareness of epilepsy risks and tackling epilepsy deaths. SUDEP Action are the only UK charity specialised in supporting and involving people bereaved by epilepsy. So far they have raised £62,000 for SUDEP Action by events including British London 10k runs, half marathon, Skydiving, swimming, cycling and numerous other awareness events.

"Families Activity Breaks (FAB) who provide activity holidays for bereaved military families. Jan, Baz and Izzie have raised £4,000 by organising and participating in a 453 mile cycle from Whitby to Lewes. One mile for every British soldier killed in Afghanistan.

"Stars Appeal at Salisbury District Hospital which raises money to create the best possible experience for patients and their families by funding extra care and equipment over and above that provided by the NHS. £1,200 has been raised in Charlie's name from donations and holding a Jamie Oliver

"Wiltshire Air Ambulance whose helicopter and dedicated paramedics provide lifesaving air ambulance services across rural Wiltshire the Burns Family have raised £400.

"More recently Baz has formed the Salisbury Plain Friends Group, supporting Julia's House Children's Hospice in Wiltshire. Over the summer of 2016 they have raised £2,200 which included Baz cycling 63 miles on a Tandem.

"Over the last five years Baz, Jan and Izzie have worked tirelessly to campaign to raise awareness of SUDEP and to fundraise, and so far their hard work and dedication has raised over £80,000 in total.

"In Jan's words - "The day Charlie died; we decided we had a responsibility to tell our story and we wanted to fundraise to help turn our tragedy into a positive situation that will ultimately save lives and prevent other families enduring the pain and heartache we have suffered."

Local Hero Awards 2017 - Burns Family

You can read more about their efforts on our news page at

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