Salisbury trail to bring a real buzz to the city centre!

Wild Bee 2 (Secret Garden Spencer Mulholland)

5:47am 6th April 2017
(Updated 9:14am 6th April 2017)

There's set to be a real 'buzz' around Salisbury from this summer, to give us a chance to learn more about one of nature's 'unsung heroes'.

The team behind the city's Secret Garden is launching a 'Bee Trail' - that'll be 12 points across Salisbury where we'll be able to discover facts and figures about wild bees.

Becky Twigg is setting it all up and says there's some real interactivity to it, with a special app being developed by Salisbury firm Blueflame Digital for us to get more information.

Wild Bee 1 (Secret Garden Spencer Mulholland)

There'll also be illustrated posts at those trail points too, created by the man behind the Horrible Histories books, Geri Ford.

Here's a couple of examples of the pictures he's put together:

Once the Bee Trail is set up, it'll mean Salisbury will become probably the country's first and only 'bee friendly' city.

There are 260 different species of bees in the UK, and the conservation projects planned as part of the 'Bee City' initiative is aimed at helping them to thrive.


Becky Twigg from Salisbury's Secret Garden tells us more about the Trail - click PLAY to hear her speaking to Spire FM's Faye Marsh:

The race is now on to get the funding together to make the Trail a reality.

They need to raise £10,000 by May in the hope of getting that all up and running from July, to coincide with the busy summer tourism season.

Bee City Logo (Secret Garden)

We're told that the best way to think of the Trail is like the 'Baron's Trail' in Salisbury, but without the statues and more technology.

You can find out more about the Bee City project on their website at

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