Salisbury couple strike it big on the lottery!

Nick and Zoe Hoare

11:58am 19th May 2017
(Updated 6:36pm 19th May 2017)

Zoe and Nick Hoare have had THE week to remember.

They've bagged themselves £1,000,000.00 on the EuroMillions Millionaire Maker.

The couple, who own the White Horse in Quidhampton, are giving up their 100-hour weeks in the pub to finally relax and enjoy their new found millionaire-status.

Nick and Zoe Hoare

They won't be forgetting the White Horse anytime soon as they put the win down to the pub's carpets, Nick explains:

"We hired a rug cleaner to do the carpets and when we took it back I decided to pick up a couple of EuroMillions tickets. I put them in my wallet and thought no more of it."

"Had those carpets not needed a spring clean, we wouldn't have been in the shop, buying a ticket from a machine which dispensed the winning code; who knew cleaning could be so lucrative!"

They picked up the Lucky Dip from Waitrose in Salisbury and have still not got over the win.

Despite not having spent a penny, they've got big plans for the first thing they'll buy...

"The toasters broken so we're going to get a new one today! It blew up this morning when I was making my breakfast!"

Will it at least be a new one?

"Possibly, I suppose we'll get a nice toaster! It's not very sexy buying a toaster... Do they do gold plated toasters?"

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