Some crackin' news for you all


3:37pm 19th May 2017
(Updated 4:06pm 19th May 2017)

We've finally got our first Peregrine Falcon chick of the year!

It hatched this afternoon (Friday 19th May) and there's four still to go.

Here's a picture of the hatchling and it's soon to be siblings.


They laid in March and the rest are expected to pop out over the next few days.

More details here on the chicks: and you can watch them here

Here's some more pictures!




We also have some other great news - Peter, the peregrine that hatched on the Tower in 2014 and who was found shot recently, have recovered well at the Hawk Conservancy Trust and will be released on Tuesday, 23 May. You can read more on that story here:

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