South Wiltshire charities 'treated like rock stars' as they help others

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5:17am 4th September 2017
(Updated 5:19am 4th September 2017)

Volunteers from South Wiltshire charities have been describing what conditions are like on the ground in the Philippines, as they come to the end of a mission there.

Landford based Dentaid has provided hundreds of children with dental check-ups and treatments, Chilmark's Team Rubicon has been rebuilding classrooms at a school that's overcrowded and has been hit by earthquakes in the past and Salisbury based Serve On has been training local people in search and rescue techniques and earthquake safety in the event of further natural disasters.

Rob Whitton from Dentaid says they've been in some of the most basic conditions he's ever worked with:

"My dental chair is a green plastic patio chair, my light is a head torch and while we do have some instruments, it's quite a limited range, so it's challenging conditions. What would otherwise be a very simple procedure in the UK is actually quite tricky out here. But in saying that, the children are wonderful, it's been such a great experience."

The guys and girls from South Wiltshire giving up their time to help disadvantaged people in the Philippines say it's been really rewarding.

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Chris Shirley is from Team Rubicon:

"They've been reacting to us to a bit like we're celebrities actually, we walk in every day and the kids love practising their English with us. They'll greet us every morning with a cheery good morning and then they'll come into the classroom, give us high fives and they'll want to see at work and talk to us. It's been fantastic!"

It's hoped future trips can also be organised to continue the support for the area.

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You can read more about how the mission went on our news page at

Rob Whitton from Dentaid says it's been great having the charities working together:

"We all compliment each other, we've got a great team spirit and actually there's a lot of evidence out there that suggests that when you combine different interventions you actually create greater impact. The sum is greater than the individual parts and that's a really great example in our case."

You can find out more about the Dentaid charity on their website at, Team Rubicon on their website at and Serve On at their website:

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