WATCH: Tank crush an abandoned quad bike

Tank crushing quad bike

12:35pm 13th September 2017
(Updated 11:13am 5th October 2017)

An abandoned quad bike has been crushed by a tank on Salisbury Plain.

The brutal stunt was carried out by the Defence Infrastructure Organisation (DIO) in a bid to tackle illegal off-roaders.

The quad bike was discovered on Ministry of Defence (MOD) land at Sidbury Hill near Tidworth, which the DIO say is a hot spot for that type of activity.

The destruction of the quad bike is the latest attempt to send a message to irresponsible users of Salisbury Plain.

Lt Col Stewart Andrews who is the DIO's Senior Training Safety Officer for Salisbury Plain, said:

"Every weekend there are off-road motorbike's, off-road vehicles damaging the environment, ignoring the public safety messages, whether there's military training going on or not it's absolutely rife.

"Sometimes the softly softly approach just doesn't work, we believe that this is the best way to get the message across, the quad bike was spotted and caught driving illegally on Salisbury Plain, the driver abandoned it and we held it for three months. It wasn't claimed, so we exercised our right to crush it."

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