Emergency services in hazmat suits in Winterslow

Incident response in Winterslow with Military and Police (March 2018) Gill Boxall

1:37pm 12th March 2018
(Updated 6:38pm 12th March 2018)

Police and military personnel have descended on Winterslow this afternoon. 

A local resident told Spire FM:

"I've been told they are investigating a situation a few doors from me and may be bringing in a low loader shortly to remove something."

The emergency services were seen taking a 'Ashley Wood' van away from the Livery Road area close to Western Lane.

Ashley Wood van in Winterslow associated with Salisbury Incident (March 2018)
Ashley Wood van in Winterslow taken by Simon Ward Photography


It has not yet been confirmed if this is related to the ongoing investigation into the poisoning of a former Russian spy and his daughter.

Incident response in Winterslow with Military and Police (March 2018)

Last week, the Counter Terrorism Policing Network asked for assistance from the military to remove a number of vehicles and objects in and around Salisbury.

Wiltshire Police have stressed "The public should not be alarmed and the public health advice remains the same."

Over the weekend, several vehicles and objects were taken from the Salisbury area which you can read the latest on here.

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