'Was Salisbury's CCTV on' at time of 'nerve agent' attack?

'Was Salisbury's CCTV on' at time of 'nerve agent' attack?

Published by The Spire FM News Team at 9:33pm 12th March 2018. (Updated at 4:23pm 13th March 2018)

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A Russian TV broadcaster questions 'who controls Salisbury's surveillance system' and whether any 'official' footage exists? Here, our Councils insist it was working.

Surveillance footage may prove to be a 'critical' component in discovering how and when former double agent Sergei Skripal, and his daughter Yulia, were poisoned in Salisbury.

As the complex 'global' investigation continues, a Moscow based broadcaster has contacted Spire FM to ask whether the city's camera system is actually working!

RTVI have been reading about Salisbury's long running CCTV saga on our website.

A few days ago it was reported that 'hundreds of police officers' were 'working on the case' examining 'hours of CCTV footage'.


A week ago a picture emerged of what was believed to be the former Russian double agent, shortly before he fell critically ill at Salisbury's Maltings shopping centre.

Sky News published that image on Tuesday 6th March: news.sky.com

CCTV camera in Salisbury
CCTV camera in Salisbury


British counter-terror police have been aiding the probe into what caused 66 year old Sergei Skripal and his 33 year old daughter, to fall ill. Mark Rowley from the Counter Terrorism Policing had said that everything possible was being done to find out who was responsible assuring us that: 'hundreds of detectives, forensic specialists, analysts and intelligence officers are working together around the clock on the case.'


Exact details of where CCTV footage has come from is still unclear.

Questions have now been raised by a Moscow broadcaster as to whether Salisbury's £500,000 CCTV system, which is not yet fully installed and tested, was even switched on at the time of the attack on Sunday 4th March!

CCTV Camera on Market Walk in Salisbury
CCTV Camera on Market Walk in Salisbury


Doubts about the reliability of the new 'Council' system and who is 'operating' it have been raised both at home here in Salisbury... and now in Moscow.


Artem Filatov, a Journalist at the RTVI news channel (not affiliated with RT), called Spire FM after reading about the city's long running saga over the city's camera system on the Spire FM website.

He says Russian people are very interested and concerned about the current situation, and would like to know, for certain, whether Salisbury's CCTV system is in operation at the moment. He also questioned which authority, or council, is responsible for the city's CCTV system, and whether the cameras were in operation on 4th of March 2018, the day of Sergei and Yulia Skripal's poisoning.

Artem Filatov has been conducting his own 'remote investigation'.

Police cordon in the Maltings shopping centre
Police cordon in the Maltings shopping centre



It appears that Spire FM and RTVI have received conflicting information, with RTVI being informed that 'Salisbury City Council' run the controversial CCTV system, with confirmation all footage has been handed to Police.

But a spokesperson at Wiltshire Council, told Spire FM News:

"The system is still currently Wiltshire Council's. Just to confirm that the Salisbury city centre CCTV system was working and operational on Sunday (4 March)."

The system was due to be 'handed over' to Salisbury City Council, but not until the system's installation was 'finished' and the cameras tested.

Mike Withers, from Salisbury City Watch, heads up the Community Interest Group that's volunteered to operate the control room when it's ready. Mike told Spire FM News on Monday (12 March):

"We are not involved with it yet. My [team] is ready... but the CCTV system is still run by Wiltshire Council. I only wish it were handed over..."


Leader of Salisbury City Council, Matthew Dean insisted that the 'CCTV issues' had been fully resolved around a month ago, and that the state of the art CCTV camera system is fully functional and that a great deal of high quality footage had already been handed to Police handling the enquiry,

Cllr Dean also said the camera footage had been shared on Monday (5th March).


RTVI asks Spire FM about Salisbury CCTV system
RTVI asks Spire FM about Salisbury CCTV system

WATCH: Artem Filatov says RTVI have already broadcast news reports about Salisbury's CCTV crisis in the city, mentioning one of Spire FM's stories on the issue: rtvi.com/news/salisbury-cctv-cameras/

TRANSLATION : RTVI's report makes several accusations about Salisbury's CCTV system...

"There were problems with CCTV cameras in Salisbury where Sergie Skripal and his daughter were poisoned. The main question is whether the CCTV worked on March 4th 2018 because there was a CCTV crisis from Summer 2016 to Summer 2017. Half a million pounds was spent to put a new system in. One official from Wiltshire Council said the camera system worked but couldn’t say whether individual cameras were working on the 4th March. The question is did the people involved in the poisoning know this?"

"The Facebook page of Yulia has been cancelled and nobody knows why."


A number of shops in The Maltings, with their own CCTV cameras, have told Spire FM News that they have been approached, not just by Police, but by the Press asking for footage.

CCTV Camera on Market Walk in Salisbury
CCTV camera on Market Walk faces G&T Cards and the bench where Skripal's were found

The camera over Market Walk may have captured 'vital' evidence...


Spire FM News has identified at least 5 of the Council's CCTV cameras that may have filmed Sergei and Yulia Skripal...

  1. Sainsbury's supermarket - overlooking The Maltings and the bench where the Skripal's were found
  2. Salisbury Library - back of the library building overlooking Market Walk and G&T Cards shop
  3. Cheese Market - overlooking Market Walk and near Zizzi
  4. Fisherton Bridge - overlooking Fisherton Street and The Mill pub
  5. Priory Square - back of Maltings near Sue Ryder shop Malthouse Lane
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