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Larmer Tree Festival: We'll be back next year

The four day event at Tollard Royal has been hugely successful once again and plans are already in place for the 28th edition in 2019.

The team behind the Larmer Tree Festival have admitted they were 'nervous' about how many people would go along after the event took a break last year, but say the reaction to their return has been 'heartwarming'.

The festival ended last night (Sunday July 22nd), with acts including Jake Bugg, First Aid Kit and Public Service Broadcasting entertaining the crowds:



Comedy acts were also taking part, including headliners Sara Pacsoe and Mark Watson.

There were also family activities like Samba drumming, appearances from CBBC stars and even the Larmer Spa for the first time, where festival-goers could take a dip in a hot tub!


People of all ages went along for the authentic festival experience (picture courtesy of Garry Jones)


Founder and director James Shepherd says there's one particular group of people that makes all the difference to the festival - and that's the volunteers:

"This festival literally would not happen without them. We have around 600 people now that come every year, a lot of them have been coming for the last 20 odd years. They're just a fantastic team and from the bottom of my heart I just want to thank them as much as I can."

James says the year off for the Festival means they've got even more energy for the event in Tollard Royal.

This was the 27th time its been held on the Wiltshire Dorset border.

Festival-goers even practised yoga at the main stage (picture courtesy of Garry Jones)


And the Director says they're always learning about what's best for festival-goers:

"We always get a lot of feedback and we definitely take it all on board. We're trying to make everybody happy, which is obviously not always possible, but right from the very first festival we've always taken a lot of note of where our customers are going and what they'd like to see."



BACK FOR 2019:

Tickets for the Festival this time around sold out quicker than in previous years, and the team are keen to get planning on the 2019 event already.

As the dust settles, Festival Director James Shepherd has told Spire FM they're already working on next year's Larmer Tree:

"We have a thing in the office which says 'Next Year, Things Will Be Different' and we're already adding to it. Every festival's been slightly different to the last, we want to make it exciting and change things around. We try to do that and make it better!"