Salisbury Reds bus fares increase

Salisbury Reds bus fares increase

Published by Mike Draper at 4:01am 17th November 2019.

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Some of their fares are changing from Sunday 17th November.

The Salisbury Reds bus company says today's increase across some of its fares is 'small'.

  • Some singles and returns will increase between 10p and 20p
  • Many fares will be held at current levels

It also says its fares still represent 'great value' and some of the fares will remain unchanged.

For the best value, the public transport operator recommends you buy your day or period ticket via the Salisbury Reds mobile phone app clickit2ride.

Occasional travellers with Salisbury Reds buses can still pay with money, or contactless. The divers do carry change, but contactless and app payments help keep buses running on time.

A Salisbury Reds single decker bus driving through the Wiltshire village of Ansty.
FARE INCREASE: Some price rises affect the Salisbury Reds Network Zone serving rural villages.


A full list of the Salisbury Reds fare changes can be found below. If the fare type isn't listed below then the price will remain the same:


Salisbury Saver Zone Old Price New Price
Adult dayrider (paper) £4.40 £4.50
Adult dayrider (app) £4.30 £4.50
Adult 10-trip (key/app) £20.00 £20.50
Adult 20-trip (key/app) £37.50 £38.50
Adult 30-trip (key/app) £56.00 £58.00
Adult 7 day (paper) £15.00 £15.50
Adult 7 day (key/app) £14.50 £15.00
Adult 30 day (paper) £55.00 £57.00
Adult 30 day (key/app) £51.00 £53.00
Adult 90 day (key/app) £127.00 £132.00
Adult Annual (key) £495.00 £500.00



Activ8 products Old Price New Price
Adult Activ8 Nightrider £2.20 £2.40


A Salisbury Reds Bus stop in Quidhampton which is part of the Salisbury Saver Zone.
SALISBURY SAVER ZONE: Fares on Salisbury Reds buses will increase by up to 20p.


Network Zone Old Price New Price
Adult 1 day Explorer £9.00 £9.20
Child 1 day Explorer £5.90 £6.00
Group 1 day Explorer £24.00 £24.50
Adult 7 day (paper) £26.00 £27.00
Adult 7 day (key/app) £25.00 £26.00
Child 7 day (paper) £21.00 £21.50
Adult 30 day (paper) £102.00 £105.00
Child 30 day (paper) £79.00 £81.00
Adult 30 day (key/app) £97.00 £99.00
Adult 90 day(key/app) £222.00 £228.00
Child 90 day (key via shop only) £210.00 £215.00
Adult Annual (key) £740.00 £755.00



Swindon/Marlborough Only Old Price New Price
Adult 7 day £16.00 £17.00


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