SALISBURY: A dozen catalytic converter thefts in two weeks

SALISBURY: A dozen catalytic converter thefts in two weeks

Published by Jack Deery at 2:59pm 3rd January 2020. (Updated at 3:24pm 3rd January 2020)

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Officers are now investigating the similar incidents that took place across the city.

In the two weeks between the 17th and 31st of December, there were 12 reported incidents of thefts and attempted thefts of catalytic converters were made in Salisbury. 

As part of their investigations they have noticed that Landrover Freelander's and Honda CR-Vs are being targeted. 

Police have released details of some of the incidents: 

  • December 17th - Stolen from a Honda CR-V in Manor Road
  • December 20th - Suspects had jacked up a Honda Civic in Rougemont Close but were disturbed before taking anything
  • December 21st - Stolen from a Honda parked in Chichester Close
  • December 24th - Three men disturbed while trying to cut one from the exhaust of a Honda CR-V in Milford Hollow
  • December 25th - Stolen from a Landrover Freelander in High Road, Bishopstone
  • December 28th - One cut from a Landrover Freelander in Westwood Road
Landrover Freelander
Landrover Freelander's and other similar vehicles have been targeted in these incidents

PC Matt Holland said: 

"Cars that are targeted are often those with high chassis, such as a 4x4 or an SUV, however, other cars can still be targeted so please be extra vigilant."


Police have now released some advice on how to reduce the risk of your catalytic converter being taken: 

  • Park your car in a locked garage where possible, but if this isn't an option, then park it in a well-lit and well-populated area
  • Park close to fences, walls or a kerb with the exhaust being closest to the fence, wall or kerb to make the theft more difficult
  • Avoid parking your vehicle half on the pavement and half on the road, as this may make it easier for thieves to access the catalytic converter
  • If parking in a public car park, consider parking alongside other cars and facing your bonnet towards the wall if possible. With the catalytic converter positioned at the front of your vehicle, this will make it harder for thieves to get close enough to steal it
  • If there is a fleet of vehicles, park the low clearance vehicles to block the high clearance vehicles. This will obstruct access underneath
  • If your catalytic converter is bolted on, you can ask for your local garage to weld the bolts to make it more difficult to remove.
  • Alternatively, you can also etch a serial number on the converter
  • You can even purchase a 'cage clamp' which is a cage device that locks in around the converter to make it more difficult to remove
  • If you see someone acting suspiciously under a vehicle, report it to the police. Obtain as much information as possible, including any vehicle registrations.

Anyone with any information about these incidents should call 101

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