Winterslow Primary School go paper-free for Lent

Winterslow Primary School go paper-free for Lent

Published by Jack Deery at 5:43am 28th February 2020.

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It's just one of a number of different challenges they're doing in the run-up to Easter.

As a way of making the school more sustainable, from Wednesday (25th February) for three days, Winterslow Primary School have gone paper-free.

Across the 40 days of lent, they are going to be taking part in lots of different unique projects including donating old toys and books and recycling their broken pens

Winterslow Primary School unusual lent 2020
So far, this is what one class' lent calendar looks like

Each class will decide what they're going do for the other 37 days. 

A lot of the ideas have come from the children at the school, although giving up school wasn't accepted as a plan!

Lynn Fortis, Deputy Head Teacher, said: 

"Wednesday was the start of lent, as many people know, and most give up something individually like chocolate or, like one of our children suggested, homework - but we said no to that!

But as a school we tried to think of ways of giving up something that would benefit somebody else and not just ourselves.

The aim is to make ourselves more aware of things that we do everyday without thinking about it. So we're reusing more, checking the lights are turned off, closing our doors, we're becoming more efficient in our use of things that we take for granted."

Winterslow Primary School unusual lent 2020
The school hopes that the children will learn about becoming more sustainable

So far, some of the children are enjoying taking on the challenge and think it's very important that they're helping become more sustainable. 

Charlie, aged 10, said: 

"It's been kind of fun to go paperless, because we can't use our work books so it means we might not do so much work! But it's also not that fun because we need to do it."

Grace, 11, commented: 

"We're going to be improving our way of making the world more sustainable and that's important because we take plastic for granted and we need to change the way we do that."

Evie, 11, added: 

"We have been suggesting lots of things to give up, like going through all of our pens and recycling the broken ones and writing on the back of cereal boxes because that's quite similar to paper but better to use."

Winterslow Primary School unusual lent 2020
From left to right: Mrs Fortis, Grace, Evie and Charlie


We also asked the youngsters, if they could give up one thing for lent, what would it be? 


"I would try to give up homework, but I wouldn't be allowed, so sweets."


"I would probably give up chocolate."

Chocolate is quite a common thing people give up for lent


"I might have a go at giving up chocolate but if that gets so hard I might just give up squash and drink water instead."

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