Wiltshire Waste Free campaign saves tonnes of rubbish

Wiltshire Waste Free campaign saves tonnes of rubbish

Published by Faye Tryhorn at 7:37am 29th March 2020.

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The county's Wildlife Trust challenged people to produce as little waste as possible over a month, with great success.

The Waste Free Feb campaign saw more than 300 people trying to reduce their rubbish.

The aim is to show us that with just a few changes, we can help to cut the amount of waste going to landfill and help protect the environment.

In total, more than four tonnes of rubbish was saved across Wiltshire during the campaign.

Almost two thirds (63%) of taking part reduced their waste for a whole month down to just a carrier bag's worth.

Here's some of the issues they say they faced: 

  • Packaging on food such as cheese was a problem
  • Throwing parties or entertaining could result in a lot of waste and required a bit more thought
  • People took to reducing waste by starting a compost bin
  • Some took their own containers to refill in shop
  • One participant said the most challenging aspect was 'just a change of mindset'
  • Many highlighted the benefits of encouraging a healthier lifestyle by avoiding plastic-wrapped convenience foods and microwave meals

Wiltshire Wildlife Trust's Sustainability Officer Jessica Thimbleby said:

"We're really pleased so many people got involved with Waste Free Feb and made changes that have had a big impact on how much waste they now throw away. Thank you everyone for helping to save over four tonnes of rubbish - that's equal to the weight of two and a half medium-sized cars! It just shows what a big difference we can all make by making small changes."  

Rubbish Black Clear Sacks
A few alterations to the way we shop and recycle could massively reduce the amount going to landfill


Wiltshire Wildlife Trust tell us the average household in the county produces almost half a tonne of rubbish a year.

That doesn't include items what is thrown away when we're out of the house. 

They've said there are 'huge positive environmental impacts' to producing less rubbish, such as using less water, oil, energy, and land, as well as less waste being sent to landfill and incineration.

It also costs local authorities £91 per tonne in landfill tax to dispose of rubbish, which could be spent on other public services if waste is reduced.

The charity's put loads of tips on how we can cut the amount of waste produced on the Wiltshire Wildlife Trust website.

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