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Wiltshire Police: Stick to speed limits on essential journeys

Wiltshire Police: Stick to speed limits on essential journeys

Published by Faye Tryhorn at 7:00am 2nd May 2020.

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The force is calling for 'collective responsibility' to take extra care on the roads while they're quieter during lockdown.

Wiltshire Police say they've had a 'number of calls' in recent weeks from people concerned about 'speeding and reckless driving'.

Officers believe 'there might be a minority of drivers who may be taking advantage of quieter roads and using this as an opportunity to drive at excess speed'.

Wiltshire Police Speed Checks Collingbourne Kingston November 2019
Speed checks will continue to be carried out across Wiltshire while the Covid-19 lockdown is ongoing

Superintendent Gavin Williams from Wiltshire Police said: 

"At these times of great uncertainty, the emergency services are all experiencing a high level of demand. Please do not add to this by making unnecessary journeys in your car or driving in an anti-social manner which could increase the risk of being involved in a collision that would put additional strain on the NHS.

"The Government guidance is clear - you should only be leaving your house, and therefore using your vehicle, if it is essential to do so.

"With fewer vehicles on our roads, we are aware that some people may attempt to exploit this opportunity to drive at excess speed. It may also be tempting when driving on familiar roads that may be quieter than usual to take it for granted and become complacent. Please always take extra care regardless of how many times you drive a route, as conditions can be different every time, so read the road ahead and anticipate potential hazards.

"Our Roads Policing Unit will continue to conduct patrols across the county aimed at discouraging this type of behaviour and enforcing the law in the same way the public would expect us to."

Speed Indicator Device SID - happy face - Downton Road Salisbury Dec 2019 (Mike Draper) (1)
Downton Road in Salisbury already has a speed indicator device to warn drivers how fast they're going - but police have caught people speeding there in recent weeks

Community policing teams are also carrying out regular patrols to tackle speeding at this time.

Earlier this week a motorist was caught doing 72mph through the 30 zone on Downton Road in Salisbury.

Whilst last week more than 30 drivers were caught going faster than the limit on two key routes in the city.

Deputy Police and Crime Commissioner for Wiltshire and Swindon Jerry Herbert said: 

"I am frequently asked about speeding when I attend area boards and council meetings - it is clearly a concern for a number of Wiltshire residents. 
"It is reassuring to hear that despite these concerns, incidents of speeding do not appear to have increased during this period of lockdown.
"I am pleased to hear that officers are continuing to conduct regular patrols across the county to ensure those making essential journeys are using the roads safely. This demonstrates that Wiltshire Police are committed to targeting individuals who drive at excess speed and they will always act on information passed from the local community, so if you have concerns about a specific area, please do get in touch."

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