Salisbury man uses paint and memories to transform Harnham wall

Salisbury man uses paint and memories to transform Harnham wall

Published by Jack Deery at 5:36am 21st July 2020.

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After going through a difficult time, Mark Hamilton spent 8 weeks on his newest project.

9 weeks ago, artist Mark, who is a delivery driver for Waitrose, was asked by his son why doesn't he paint on the big grey wall outside their house.

He decided to try it, and started doing an abstract piece of a tree and some flowers. 

He faced some difficulties, with it being a very hard surface to paint on, but it blew up from there. 

Over two months later and the entire wall is covered in special memories and moments from his and his family's lives. 

Harnham wall painted by Salisbury man
Just some of the designs that feature on Mark's wall

This includes:

  • A painting for Waitrose
  • '96' in honour of the 96 Liverpool fans who died when a stand at Hillsborough stadium collapsed
  • Nods to his hometown of Crawley
  • Painting of Del Boy's van crashing into IKEA
  • Reeve the Baker
  • 1268 for Nuggs in Salisbury
  • Woolworths

Mark told Spire FM: 

"Nine weeks ago something not brilliant happened in my life and I had a choice I could either sink or swim and I'm an artist anyway, I have been doing it for a long time, so my son said to me why don't you paint on the wall dad.

It's very difficult to work on a wall like this because it's not a smooth surface so you've got to work at it and layer it and just keep going so it stays on, but it was also something new for me to try as I have never even sprayed a can of paint before and I spent the first four weeks learning how to do it. 

It wasn't difficult to find motivation and inspiration to move on to the next piece after I finished one because once I worked out where I was going with it I just kept thinking of memories from now and childhood memories as well, things like my favourite films and music, and soon the wall was covered with different paintings."


Having struggled with his mental health, Mark has decided to try and raise some money for the charity Mind.

He wants to help support people who have been through difficult times like him.

Mark added: 

"Anybody that knows me knows that I've had issues with my mental health over the years and it's taken me a long time to get better and to understand how to live with it and all that kind of stuff and it's not easy and I have a lot experience as far as mental health is concerned and been part of my life for a long, long time. 

Because of that I am a huge advocate for anybody that needs help to just do it if it makes them feel better, whatever it is in your life that is bothering you there is something for everyone to help you feel better, it's just finding what it is, like for it's painting. 

I am a huge fan of Mind and the work they do and any money that we can raise for them through this will hopefully make some difference to somebody. 

The same with the wall as well, if anyone sees it and smiles, its done the job."

The wall at 13 Wiltshire Road, Harnham, can be visited but Mark and his wife, Lin, are planning to hold an open afternoon some point in the future when they've both got a bit of free time.

You can find out more about Mark's work by visiting

He is also encouraging people to just donate directly to Mind on

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