Police investigate 'imported blades' arriving in Salisbury and Ludgershall

Police investigate 'imported blades' arriving in Salisbury and Ludgershall

Published by Faye Tryhorn at 7:28am 24th July 2020.

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Officers checked up on the circumstances behind two people buying knives online and having them delivered to their homes.

In the first case, an 18 year old man in Salisbury had a package arrive containing 24 throwing knives with varying blade lengths.

Wiltshire Police were alerted by Border Control that the parcel had entered the country from the Netherlands and visited his home to check them out.

He told officers that he'd bought them for a new hobby, and were found to be legal.

The man decided to voluntarily hand them over to police to be destroyed though.

Hunting Knife
Wiltshire Police checked out two packages sent to people in Ludgershall and Salisbury containing knives to make sure they were safe

On the same day, police also visited for the home of a 39 year old man in Ludgershall, after they'd been alerted to a hunting knife being delivered there.

They found the blade had been bought for a legitimate professional capacity.

In both incidents, no further police action was needed.


Wiltshire Police are taking the opportunity with these cases to remind us about the rules when it comes to knives and the possession of blades, especially if we're buying them online.

PC Sharon Duggan, from the Amesbury Area Community Policing Team, said: 

"The law in the UK means it is illegal to carry a knife or offensive weapon in a public place, except a folding pocket knife that has a blade less than three inches, without a reasonable excuse. Reasonable excuses include those who need them for work, like fishermen, carpenters or carpet fitters, but this only applies while they are actually at work. Certain knives, including flick knives, disguised knives or 'zombie' knives, are banned completely.

"We know that many people own or use knives legitimately, often for their work, but we also need to keep the public safe, which is why we visited these two addresses to determine why these blades had been delivered.

"Thankfully, it appears that there was no suspicious circumstances in either case, and words of advice was all that was needed.

"We hope this provides reassurance that we will act on information given to us by other agencies and will do all we can to keep the public safe."

There's more information about knife crime offences on the Wiltshire Police website.

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