Public Information File

Each local commercial radio station in the UK has requirements in respect of its music and local content, such as news etc. These requirements are set out in the station "Format", a document issued by Ofcom, the UK media regulator.

The Public File contains details of elements Ofcom regulate, such as music tracks, local news etc. It is intended to give you a better understanding of our output and what we are doing for the community we serve.


The Public File is available as a print out on request. Any comments on the file can be made to us or Ofcom.


News Bulletins

We broadcast news bulletins 24 hours a day on the hour, every hour.

Weekdays - we provide local news bulletins from 06:00 until 18:00 including half-hour bulletins in breakfast (6/7/8 am).

Saturday and Sunday - we provide local news bulletins from 08:00 until 12:00.

If you have any queries about News, contact one of our journalists via the usual 'Contact Us' details.

The Programme Schedule

Monday - Friday

00:00 : 06:00 : Salisbury's Favourite Music

06:00 : 10:00 : Martin Starke at Breakfast

10:00 : 14:00 : Chris Wright

14:00 : 19:00 : Pat Sissons

19:00 : 22:00 : Craig Hicks

22:00 : 08:00 : Salisbury's Favourite Music


08:00 : 12:00 : Pat Sissons

12:00 : 16:00 : Steve Randall

16:00 : 19:00 : Martin Starke

19:00 : 07:00 : Salisbury's Favourite Music 


08:00 : 12:00 : Mike Brown

12:00 : 16:00 : Chris Wright

16:00 : 19:00 : Ian Burrage

19:00 : 00:00 : Salisbury's Favourite Music

Automation and Local Programming

Sometimes it is necessary to pre-record (sometimes called Automation) programmes on the station. We don't use more than 4 hours of automation during our weekday schedule (evenings) or 7 hours at weekends.

All programmes are produced locally from City Hall, Salisbury.  

Events and Charities we support

We are proud to be media partner for the Stars Appeal in Salisbury

Music Playlist

We play a broad mix of music from the past 40 years, including the best music around today. In a typical hour on Spire FM you will hear on average 6/7 songs from the 70s through to last year, with 4 'current' tracks from within the past few months.

The Format

The format is the regulation document Ofcom issue. You can read or download it from the Ofcom website.


Ofcom Localness Guidelines

Ofcom issue Guidelines defining what "localness" is for a Local Radio station. You can read them on the Ofcom website.


Contact Us

To contact us click 'Contact us'.

How to Complain

If you have any complaints about the radio station, for example, something you have heard in an advertisement or news story, in the first instance contact the station using the above details. If you are not satisfied with the response you can contact Ofcom (the industry regulator) on 020 7981 3040 or via their website;

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