Spire FM Small Talk

Spire FM Small Talk

The children of schools in Wiltshire and Hampshire give us their answers to some of life's big questions! We feature one local school per week each morning at 8.25am, on the way home at 3:50pm and you can listen again here!

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Hale Primary School, Hampshire

Underground houses and cruel monarchs from Hale Primary School in the New Forest!

Salisbury Cathedral School

Crazy dreams, radical city planning and some actually rather good jokes - with Eve. Jessica, Luke, Grace, Max, Naomi, and Kavan!

Woodford Valley Primary School

With Freya, Adam, Kitty, Rufus, Imogen and Ollie - live (on tape!) from the school's own radio studio!

Sarum Academy, Bemerton Heath

The bright young things of Year 7 at Sarum Academy - Ryan, Amy, Jack, Bobby, Tamara and Erin - describe some of the worst times they got into trouble and detail how they'd improve life in Salisbury! INCLUDING some bits NOT heard on the radio!

St Mark's Junior School, Salisbury

So what are Beth, Jago, Holly, Edward, Casey, Noah, Harry and Robert of St Mark's Junior School thinking about the year so far!

Downton Primary School

This week we’re talking to Elizabeth, Lydia, George, William and Max at Downton Primary School. Featuring some unusual jokes!

Fordingbridge Junior School

his week we're at Fordingbridge Junior School with Harry, Melissa, Sid, Lola and Hannah! If kids made the rules - things would be somewhat different!

Shipton Bellinger Primary School

This week we're at Shipton Bellinger Primary School in Hampshire with Holly, Nieve, William, Ashley, Tyler, and Joseph.

Greentrees Juniors, Bishopdown.

This week we’re at the brand new Junior building at Greentrees Primary School in Bishopdown with Zac, K.T. Elise, Rosetta, Freya, Jacob and Freddie.

Woodlands Primary School, Bemerton Heath

We’re with the kids at Woodlands Primary School in Bemerton Heath this week, with Riley, Brandon, Ellie, Wendy, Shabab and Maggie – who make up the Woodlands School Council.

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